Every day Neighborhood House works to end poverty in our communities. Since 1906, we have worked to advance our mission of building community and increasing access to housing, health, education, and economic opportunity. We envision healthy and diverse communities, free of poverty and racism, where all people thrive. Our programs focus on early childhood education, youth development, employment and adult education, housing assistance, community health, and aging and disability services throughout King County.

Hiring Bonuses
Beginning 2/1/2022, Neighborhood House is providing a $1,500 hiring bonus for all new hires who are successfully hired into the following positions: Teacher, Preschool Lead Teacher, & Assistant Teacher*. Candidates hired into these roles will receive this hiring bonus on their first paycheck.  

*Note - Substitute Assistant Teachers are not eligible for the Hiring Bonus.


At Neighborhood House, we aspire to live our values: community, equity, integrity, relationships, sustainability. These values guide every interaction, and the large and small decisions we make every day. Learn more about our values and don’t forget to check out the video below.


staff members across multiple departments who speak 45 languages


of staff identity as Black, Indigenous, or people of color


staff members have been with Neighborhood House for 5 years or more


staff members have been promoted into new roles in the last year

Meet our staff

Asnake Kintamo, Family Information Specialist

What is the most rewarding part of your position?

“Working with families and helping low-income families especially in education programs is very rewarding because we are the ones starting to build future generations from the initial point.”

Faiza Abu, Community Health Nurse – Aging & Disability Services

What is the most rewarding part of your position?

“The most rewarding part about my position is having the pleasure to care for such a diverse community of clients in making a difference. It’s more than just being a nurse, it’s about developing interpersonal trust between me and my clients. As well as having that tangible satisfaction in helping my clients achieve their goals whether it’s through health promotion, nursing education, or making sure they are receiving all treatments to have better quality of life.”

Rachael Parks, Youth Engagement Specialist

What is the most rewarding part of your position?

“It is so hard to pick the most rewarding part of my position because there are so many! But if I have to pick one, I would have to say seeing the youth grow; physically, mentally, emotionally, academically and more. I love seeing them go from timid to confident! Watching them grow to amazing artists, writers, athletes, chess players, gamers, jokesters, roasters, friends and more! I am honored that I get to be a part of that. To help them see how amazing they really are.”

Rocio Gonzalez, Early Learning Home Visitor Mentor

What is the most rewarding part of your position?

To see results of my work reflected in home visitors’ practice. I am satisfied when home visitors feel supported and want to continue learning to improve their skills to support our families. I also feel rewarded when I collaborate with my supervisor in projects for planning.

Becoming an anti-racist organization

Neighborhood House offers the following opportunities to create safe spaces for staff, foster a sense of inclusion and belonging, and improve outcomes for all who are involved in our work.

Affinity Groups. Employee-led groups that share group identity, our current affinity groups are: Celebrating Asian Diversity; Immigrants & Refugees; LGBTQ+ & QBIPOC; Multicultural-Multiracial; Latinx; Unapologetically Black; White Ally; Indigenous, Native American, Alaska Native, Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander.

Anti-racism Challenge Team (ACT). The ACT is a committed group of staff, board, and clients working to advance racial equity and social justice at the agency through both internal and external efforts.

Staff Open Forum. A bi-monthly opportunity for all staff to come together virtually to share victories, program updates, and new ideas, in addition to connecting to one another through cultural presentations and stories.