Abdirashid Isaak, Health Services Director, Child Development
Anna Sullivan, Director of Human Resources
Arturo Martinez-Guijosa, Director of Development and Communications
Brianna Kiarie, Director of Housing and Economic Opportunity
Janice Deguchi, Executive Director
Carly Derrick, Associate Director, Child Development
Farhad Hyder, Director of IT and Operational Systems
Jomar Figueroa, Data Systems & Program Integration Manager, Education &  Community Services
Julie Romero, Director of Community Health
Liz-Beth Levy, Senior Professional Development Manager, Child Development
Million Shiferaw, Family Services Director, Child Development
Nathan Buck, Director of Education & Community Services
Rochelle Hazard, Director of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access
Shak Sanders, Youth & Family Services Manager
Sintayehu Eshetu, Early Learning Data Systems Director
Steve Hurd, Director of Finance & Administration
Warya Pothan, Project HANDLE Program Director