Volume 8

November 22, 2021

Teachers Negyat, Zamzam and Bea
Week Nov. 22 – 26 Learning Resource

Message from Teachers

Hello Parents!

Hope you are braving the winds while adjusting to our November weather.

This week is a short week as we are closed this Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving Holiday.   Please check your emails, texts, and voice mails from your child’s Teacher.   We are all working to communicate with you the best way we can and your input is very important to us.   We value your thoughts as we work towards in person re opening.    If you celebrate Thanksgiving, we hope you enjoy this special time with family and friends!

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Useful Links:

Our four program-wide expectations are Be Compassionate, Be Curious, Be a Community and Be Courageous. This week we will focus on how children can

We are A Community when we:

  • Are kind to one another
  • Take care of one another
  • Embrace our differences and cultures
  • Share what we know and care about
  • Solve problems together

In this week’s learning resource, you’ll find an activity related to this week’s expectation. Let us know how it went!

Social Emotional

Activities about emotions

Talk with your child about how they feel each day.  Show them the emotion word cards and help them to draw or say how they feel.  Write their words on the drawings.  Sing some songs below about emotions. 

Emotion Word Cards - PreKinders

Sing some songs below about emotions. 

Tune:  “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”

I have feelings, so do you.
Let’s all sing about a few.
We get happy, we get sad.
We get scared, we get mad.
I am proud of being me
That’s a feeling, too, you see.
I have feelings, so do you.
We just sang about a few.


Use a mirror and let your child say the rhyme.  Let them think of different emotions they might feel.

 A mirror activity for self-expression


I look in the mirror and what do I see?
I see a happy face smiling at me.

I look in the mirror and what do I see?
I see a surprised face looking at me.
Adapted Traditional
(Use this song while you and your child are looking in the mirror.  Make up other verses as you make additional “feelings” fa

Language / Literacy


Discover letters everywhere.   Click on the link below and listen to the book about letters.

Where Do You See Letters?

Art / Writing


Part of Being a Community is being kind and helping each other.   Click on the link below and listen to the book below.   What are some of the ways you are a community at home and at school? 

When you are finished.   Draw what you think about the book.

Say Something Nice