Volume 6

October 14, 2021

Teacher Nicole and Teacher Bahiya

Volume 6
Week of October 11-15

Teacher Nicole
Teacher Bahiya

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Tips: Promoting Independence

Set predictable routines: Establishing a consistent routine. Just like adults, when children can anticipate their day, they are better equipped to take on responsibilities. 

 Let them choose: Give them choices.

Let them help: When you allow your child to help, you foster their confidence and give them an opportunity to learn something new. 

Give them chores: Give your child simple task to do like cleaning up toys, helping put groceries away, loading dishwasher, hanging up clothes, cleaning table after mealtimes

Math / Science

Counting the Calendar: It’s a new Month!! Have your child count the days in October 1-31. Point to random numbers and ask what this number is? Have child Jump or clap the number

Social Emotional

Encourage your child to be independent with self-help skills such as picking out own clothes, dressing themselves, brushing own teeth, and cleaning up own toys.

Language / Literacy

Practice writing your name and the letter J

Letter J Scavenger Hunt: Find these items below in your house. Think of other words that start with the letter J

Read a book to your child or have child read a book to you. Ask your child questions about the book such as “What part of the story did you like” “what would you do if..”

  1. Pete the Cat 4 and the Missing Cupcakes

2. All Year Round

SONGS We Know:

Five Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed