Volume 5

October 5, 2021

Beginning of the Year Screening
Both teachers will be doing screening in the next few weeks. Please answer the phone calls. Our numbers are at the bottom. You can even save them into your phone. But please make time for us. We are very flexible with time. We are trying to get everything setup for our in person class that is going to start at the end of October.
Teacher Keke: (206)335-0775 Teacher Mareah: (206)253-6046

Teacher Videos
These are videos recorded by the teachers. The Passwords will be in the home learning plan.
Teacher KeKe-
Teacher Mareah–

Important Dates:
Every Tuesday and Thursday @ 10:30 Socialization
October 12th– Covid Vaccine Seminar
-In Person classes Begin October (More information to come)

Covid Vaccine Information
Here is a fact sheet about the covid vaccine. If you need more information please text or call me. Here is the link to the flyer.

Math / Science

Online Book: Counting on Fall

This is an online book about counting with a fall items.

Language / Literacy

Online Reading: Read with your child

This is a website with online books for your child. Go to the link provided and put in the classroom code.
Code: rpz9800

Art / Writing

Activity: Family picture

Have your child draw a family picture. Make sure your child adds arms, legs, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and hair.

Problem Solving

Article: @ Home problem solving activities

This is an article for you as parents with problem solving activities

Social Emotional

Online Game: Neighbor Day

This a fun feeling game with a trolley and Daniel tiger.

Movement / Play

Video: Fabio Meatball Run

This is a interactive obstacle coarse for kids.