Volume 3

September 13, 2021

Message from your teacher!  

Hello Parents! 

I was pleased to meet with you over the phone last week and I look forward to seeing you and working with your child in the near future.

Please email me or call me at any time with any questions or comments: 206-771-6801

Useful resources

The Seattle public library has significantly expanded its open hours and is reopening three more neighborhood branches. Rediscover your Library at (presented in multiple languages). As always, contact or call 206-386-4636 with any questions about open branches, hours and services provided by the library.

Suggested Home Learning Activities For This Week:

Language / Literacy

Read a book to your child or have your child ‘read’ a book to you by telling you about the pictures. Ask your child questions about the book such as “What part of the story did you like?” “What would you do if..?”

Math / Science

Math/Fine motor skill: Indoor Energetic Newspaper Throwing

Dig a newspaper out of the recycling bin and have a fun creating balls and tossing them! Good for throwing practice, but also for hand-eye coordination, as well as some counting practice in there too!

Make newspaper balls. Crunch them up any way you like. The tighter they are, the easier they are to throw.

  • Line up the newspaper balls in a row and count them.
  • Then take turns throwing the newspaper balls into a tub.
  • Once all the newspaper balls are thrown at or in the tub, count them again. How many landed in the tub? How many landed outside the tub?

Social Emotional

Encourage your child to be independent with self-help skills such as picking out their own clothes, dressing themselves, brushing their own teeth, and cleaning up their own toys.