Volume 4

September 27, 2021

Message from your teacher!  

Hello Families!

Thank you for those of you who made it to the live session this week! It was nice to see the children and start getting to know them. The kids had fun and enjoyed the activities we did together. We look forward to seeing all the children in the near future. As a reminder, our live sessions are on Tuesdays 11-11:30am and on Thursday 1-1:30pm.

Language / Literacy


Listen and watch together with your child the book “Lucy’s Mask” After reading the story, ask open-ended questions to your child about how your child can be a heroine or a hero, and the things they are able to do to protect themselves and others? Dress your child with a cape and a real mask to pretend saving others.

Lucy's Mask (Lucy Book Series): Thompson, Lisa Sirkis, Thompson, John: 9798646193330: Books

More books to read with your children:

Unite for has lots of awesome books in multiple languages: Spanish, Somali etc.!

You can read the books on your phone or straight from their website and there is audio if you show your child how to turn the audio on and they have books about science and other things 🙂

Social Emotional


What makes you feel happy?  Can you think of three things?

Do you know what makes your sister or brother happy?

Do you know what makes your mom and dad happy?

When you look at someone, how can you tell if she is happy?


Math / Science

Shape match game

On a piece of paper draw a variety of shapes in a variety of sizes and make sure you have two shapes that are exactly the same. Then with crayons or markers find the two shapes that are the same and color them the same color. This activity allows them to focus on a few things. One is the shape another is the size. The concept being different and same or big and little. You can change the focus of matching what is same and focus on the shape by coloring all triangles the same color regardless of the size.