Volume 4

September 29, 2021

Weekly Socialization
We have 2 socializations offed each week. They are on Tuesday and Thurs-day at 10:30 to 11am. We will read books play games and do calender activities these will be similar to the types of things we will be doing in class at the meeting time. If your is clingy and is slow to warm up to new people I would try to come to as many as you can. If t not try to come at least 1 a week. Any question please let us know.

Teacher Videos
These are videos recorded by the teachers. The Pass-words will be in the home learning plan.
Teacher KeKe-
Teacher Mareah–

Important Dates:
Every Tuesday and Thursday @ 10:30 Socialization
October 12th– Covid Vaccine Seminar
-In Person classes Begin– October (More information to come)

Beginning of the Year Screening
Both teachers will be doing screening in the next few weeks. Please answer the phone calls. Our numbers are at the bottom. You can even save them into your phone. But please make time for us. We are vary flexible with time. We are trying to get every-thing setup for our in person class that is going to start at the end of October.
Teacher Keke: (206)335-0775 Teacher Mareah: (206)253-6046

Math / Science

Video: At home Math activities

This is a Link for you as parents to learn a few activities to do to help your students with counting

Language / Literacy

Video: David goes back to school

This is a back to school book that you can play as a video

Art / Writing

Article: At home Writing activities

This is a link for you as parent to look up writing activities for your child

10 Pre-Writing Activities for Preschoolers

Problem Solving

Game: Community Jobs

This is a fun problem solving game for your child. It talk about the different jobs in the community

Social Emotional

Game: Elmo’s School Friends

This is a fun game about how to interact with new children in school.

Movement / Play

Video: Poppin Bubbles

This is a fun high energy song with gross motor dance moves as well as help with fine motor development.