Volume 2

September 6, 2021

Message from your teacher!  

Hello Parents! 

I hope everyone is good and safe!

Below are some activities for you to do at home with your child. Please call me if you have any questions or concerns at 206-771-6801. Have a wonderful week!

Language / Literacy

Listen to the book ‘Lola is prepared for school’. After listening to the book ask your child their favorite part, what is something new they learn about school and what they would like to do when they go to school.

Please click the link to open the video.

Lola Goes to School (Lola Reads): McQuinn, Anna, Beardshaw, Rosalind:  9781580899383: Books

Math / Science

Jelly beans sorting activity

For this activity you can use jelly beans, beads, small toys with different colors and so on.

First count them, then created a sheet of 6 circles for sorting, it works well as a tool for counting as well. Then sort the jelly beans by colors. Ask your child which color had the most then count together to find out.

Jelly Bean Math - Teaching Mama

Art / Writing

Free Drawing

Free drawing is an important activity as long as your child has paper and a variety of drawing tools – pencils, wax crayons, markers, chalk – they can be given complete freedom when drawing.

With time, the scribbles turn into recognizable shapes and images and later into intricate pictures filled with details. Drawing is the most basic of art activities and where creativity begins.

Children need lots of time to draw freely in order to progress through the stages of drawing.

For this week have fun with chalk. This is a great way to involve many people into one art activity! Be creative — we would love to see what you create with sidewalk chalk. Send your pics by SMS.