Volume 37

August 30, 2021

Hello Parents!

This is a great season for outside play, and for reading!   

If your child only spends a little time with reading and writing, that is ok.  Even a little work every day makes a big difference!

We’ve been reaching out but have not connected with a few of you. If you have not yet spoken with myself or someone else from Neighborhood House about your Fall plans for school, please do so. We are in the process of making class lists and don’t want to miss any child!

Happy Learning!

Teacher Laura

Language / Literacy


Biscuit the puppy goes on his first camping trip!  Click here for the story:

In this next book Curious George goes camping. I wonder what kind of trouble George will get into?  Click here to find out:

Movement / Play

GAMES:    I SPY                                                                     

  1. The first player looks at something but does not tell what it is.
  2. She gives a clue.  She might say “I SPY something green.”
  3. Other players take turns guessing. “Is it grass?”

Inside or outside or in the waiting room at the doctor’s office….you can play I SPY almost anywhere!

Art / Writing


Draw a picture of you and your family doing your favorite summer activity.


Summer is almost over.  Here is a fun summer song.  Which of the things in this song did you do this summer?

Math / Science


Practice writing numbers from 1-10.  For younger children, practice holding the pencil and making circles and straight lines.

Movement / Play


 FREEZE DANCE!  All you need is music, and the only rule is to freeze when the music stops!

  1. An older sibling can run the music so mom and dad can dance too!
  2. Kids dance and then FREEZE in funny poses or making funny faces when the music stops.
  3. Use a variety of tempos and music styles.

Movement / Play


Parents write the alphabet on 26 different pieces of paper or sticky notes.  Hide them high and low all over the house or yard.  Help your child find them and put them in order.

Art / Writing


Use a mirror and let your child draw herself.  Point out features like round face, eyebrows, and nose.