Volume 36

August 30, 2021


-Until other teachers contact you to set up get-to-know you visits, I will be in touch for weekly home visits on the phone or teams and am available to answer questions via email or text.

Please reply with your home learning hours weekly until a new teacher is assigned to you.  We appreciate it and appreciate the home learning you do with your children!

-Look for the once a week drop-in classes as my schedule allows.

Take Public Transit and Find there are gaps between buses and trains/other bus companies?  A Program expands in South King County to Offer Rides to Transit Center and More – article from Seattle Emerald News

This week only: 2 free donuts to vaccinated people with proof:

Newsletter set to 7.5 hours of HL weekly

Social Emotional

Watch Daniel Tiger take the train and help Daniel and friends get ready for neighbor day by blowing up balloons, washing tables, and decorating.  Click on the balloons to blow them up: how many clicks does each balloon take?

Click on the trolley to move and when you are finished with a helping task, click back on the trolley.  You can use the table cleaning sponge to write letters and shapes…

SKILLS: conversation about feelings and being a helper.  Counting and computer mouse skills practice.

Language / Literacy


The best way to help your children with literacy is to read to them 20 minutes a day.

Baby Bop pretends

Baby Bop Pretends: Dudko, Mary Ann, Larsen, Margie, Valentine, June:  9781570640223: Books

Don’t forget to look at unite for no need to download anything on this website -you can see easy books that you can flip the pages with yourself and listen to stories in different languages or see them read in different languages besides English.

This is one idea from an article called 10 ways to encourage your preschooler to read

Let your child “pretend read.”

If your child wants to pick up a book and imitate the act of reading, that’s great! Even if kids can’t yet sound out the words on the page, it’s still helpful for them to experience early the physical tasks of reading.

Encourage your child to point to the pictures in a book and make up a story. Try letting your child “read” a book to stuffed animals, but don’t criticize or correct what it sounds like.

Art / Writing


Learn words A-C with the Word Worm:

Look at the video and write the letters and draw the pictures to make your own word cards.

Learn Words For Toddlers With The Word Worm | Learning video for toddlers -  YouTube


Preschool story-time with lots of songs online! Watch this safe video link I created just for you from this library YouTube. No password needed

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Vocabulary/conversation practice/writing letters to identify pictures =labeling


What kind of insects do you see in your yard or the park? Can you make art about insects? Use these paper plate ideas to get creative with drawing and painting and gluing.

Paper Plate Bugs | Craftulate

Math / Science

MATH: this quick video shows you how to make easy math games with things you can find at target or some other store or even around your house


This website talks about two of my favorite ways to learn letters and numbers: writing and somethings soft like salt on a tray, and copying the numbers from an old calendar.



SCIENCE: together with your child, make two or three papers with a word and picture on them. Can you and Child make homes for the different animals that live there?

One paper is air or sky

One paper is water

One paper is grass/trees

This helps your children sort and notice vocabulary of different animal homes/habitats.

SKILLS: Counting out loud, recognizing numbers and writing them, plus science vocabulary.

Problem Solving


Nesting and Stacking Toys – How high can you stack?

Best suited for 2-4 year olds Rainbow Nesting & Stacking Cups Baby Building Set. 10 Pieces.  With Embossed Animal Characters. For Indoor, Outdoor, Bathtub, And Beach  Fun Toy. Multi Colors : Toys & Games

Don’t be fooled by the deceiving simplicity of nesting and stacking toys. These toys are pivotal to early learning development for toddlers.

Nesting toys, albeit very simple, pack a punch as great brain boosters for toddlers.

The motion of stacking and nesting helps your little one’s fine motor, spatial and visual perception, balance, sequencing, pre-math skills, and coordination. Who would have thought something so simple could be so beneficial?

It’s important to keep a conversation going while your children play.

“What goes next?” “Does this fit into this cup?” “Why do you think that doesn’t fit there?”

SKILLS: balancing and coordinating, listening & taking turns, and recalling. 

Movement / Play

Watch this video and move along like the animals and actions with the book!

Pretend you’re a cat 

Pretend You're a Cat- Read Aloud - YouTube

Saturday morning yoga exercise

SKILLS: muscle practice & exercise and conversation and recall

Making Wishes: Saturday Morning Yoga ✨ | Cosmic Kids - YouTube