Volume 34

September 6, 2021

Message from Teacher:

Hi Parents!

It seems as though Autumn is making its way to Washington. I hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer and the weather changes! 

Thank you for your flexibility and patience as neighborhood House continues to prepare for the upcoming 2021-2022 schoolyear. I appreciate being in touch with you every week and hearing about how you and your children are doing. I hope you have a great week!

Helpful Resources:

Fresh Bucks:

Fresh bucks is giving up to $40 a month for fresh food for Seattle Residents who quality. If you are interested, you can apply at High Point or online.

Applicants need to be below 80% area median income and need to be residents of the Seattle area. A lottery for Fresh Bucks benefits will be open from October 11th-29th. Neighborhood House at High Point location is currently taking applications.

Here is the income guide:

# in Household80% AMI
1$ 63,350
2$ 72,400
3$ 81,450
4$ 90,500
5$ 97,750
6$ 105,000
7$ 112,250
8$ 119,500
9$ 126,700
10$ 133,950

Community Support and well-being resources from King County

The pandemic has been challenging in so many ways, and there is help available when we may feel stressed, isolated, or depressed. This site has tools and resources to support your emotional health, including connection to counselors and valuable mental health information.

Suggested Home Learning Activities For This Week:

Language / Literacy

Go Fish Game With Letters

What you will need:

Cards with letters on them (you can make them quickly with paper, scissors, and crayons or pens)

Make sure there are two cards with each letter on them.

How to play:

Each person gets 3 cards.

Put the rest of the cards in a pile.

The person who starts looks at the cards in their hands and asks another player if they have a letter that they have (“Do you have the letter G?”)

If the other player has the card, they give the asker that card. The asker puts the matching pair down in front of them.

If the other player does not have the card, they say “Go fish” to the asker, and the asker picks (“fishes”) a card from the top of the pile. And then it is the other player’s turn.

You can end playing when all the letter matches are made.

*to modify, you could make cards with pairs of shapes or colors on them instead—depending on what you are working on with your child.

Preschool Card Games: ABC Go Fish! - How Wee Learn

Movement / Play

“Who Am I?” Activity

In this game, you and your child can take turns pretending to be different animals and pretend to move like them. You can add some challenge by suggesting animals from different categories (for example: animals that fly, animals that jump, animals that run).

Here are some ideas for creatures you can pretend to be:

  • Turtle
  • Seal
  • Crab
  • Elephant
  • Lion
  • Butterfly
  • Rabbit
  • Snake

Math / Science

Looking at Clouds Together

When there are clouds out (on days where there is also blue sky), find a seat or lie down together outside and look up at the clouds. Be careful not to look directly at the sun. Look out for shapes and talk about the colors and texture that you see. Notice how clouds change as they move.