Volume 33

July 19, 2021

WEEK: July 12, 2021

THEME:  Summer Fun: Camping


COLOR:  Brown


Language / Literacy

30 minutes

Freda Plans a Picnic, by Stuart J Murphy

Freda plans a picnic with her friends. Listen carefully and see if you can remember what Freda does first, then what she does next.

It’s a big job to plan a picnic!

Freda Plans a Picnic Children's Book by Stuart J. Murphy | Discover  Children's Books, Audiobooks, Videos & More on Epic



Plan your own summer picnic! You will need

  • Paper
  • Pencil or marker

First draw pictures or write the names of the people you will invite to the picnic.

Then draw a picture or write where you will have the picnic.  Will it be in the back yard?  On the porch? In the living room?

Next draw pictures or write what food you will have at the picnic.

Now invite the people on your list and have an adult help you get the food ready!

Art / Writing

15 minutes



Now draw a colorful picture of your picnic!  Who will be there?  What food will you eat?  Is the sun in the sky? 

Problem Solving

15 minutes

PLAY A GAME OF “I SPY”                                                                    

  1. The first player looks at something but does not tell what it is.  Just think of it in your mind.
  2. She gives one clue.  She might say “I SPY something green.”
  3. Other players take turns guessing. “Is it grass?”  They keep guessing until someone gets it right.

Inside or outside or in the waiting room at the doctor’s office: you can play “I SPY” almost anywhere!

Social Emotional

Click the link to sing   “DOWN BY THE BAY” with Teacher Laura!

Movement / Play


Try a family game of HIDE and SEEK.  This is a great game indoors or out.  One person covers their eyes and counts while the others hide.

CHANGE IT UP:  The one covering her eyes doesn’t have to only count numbers!  Other ideas are:

  1. Sing the ABC song two times (with eyes closed)
  2. Clap their hands ___ times. 50? 30? 20? (with eyes closed)
  3. Do 50 jumping jacks (eyes open for safety, turn back to other players)