Volume 33

September 6, 2021

Message from Teacher:

Hi Families!

We know a lot of families are worried about going to the dentist and the risk of exposure to Covid. Here is a resource to help you stay fully informed about going to the dentist and staying safe. It is important that your child get regular oral health care. Before going to a dental office, talk with the dental team about changes they have made to lower the risk of spreading the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) to patients and parents.

As the caregiver to your child you have to do what is best for your child and your family and whatever your choose, we will support you. If you have any additional questions please talk about it with your child’s teacher on your next home visit call.

For more things dentist offices are doing to keep patients safe please see this handout:

Suggested Home Learning Activities For This Week:

Problem Solving


What is Missing Memory Game –  Boosting memory skills boosts other skills like concentration and attention. Gather any toys you have at home or even school supplies (toy cars, duck puppet, robots, shapes, etc). Line up 3 to 6 items on the floor and allow your child to study the items. Once you give them some time to remember what is in front of them, have them turn around or close their eyes while you take one toy away. Once they turn back around or open their eyes, have them guess which item is missing! You can take turns with your child on playing this fun game.

Math / Science


Shoe Hunt: Math Game – Invite your child to go on a shoe hunt. Count the number of shoes each family member has. Count how many different types of shoes are in your house. How many have laces? How many have Velcro or buckles? Do you wear them indoors or outdoors? Do you slip them on? Count how many pairs of shoes Teach your child how to count by twos. Line the shoes up from biggest to smallest. Get out a tape measure or ruler and measure the shoes.

Language / Literacy


Clean up Song – In school, it was very important that the kiddos always clean up after themselves once they are done playing with toys, eating, or doing any activity. This song teaches the topic of cleaning up, helping children understand that at the end of every activity, it is necessary to put everything in its place once they are done. Play this song so they know it is time to clean up and put everything where they belong!


Clean Up Song | Tidy Up Song | The Singing Walrus - YouTube

Movement / Play


Movement/Exercise Activity: Bowling  I hope my friends have heard of bowling! This activity is a fun activity to do with minimal materials. Set up a mini bowling alley in the hallway or anywhere in your home by using plastic cups as bowling pins. Use the traditional triangle setup or create a stacked pyramid. Then roll any soft ball you have at home to knock them down. The goal is to try to knock all the pins down in one try! Encourage your child to count items that have been knocked over and count the cups as you set them up again.

Movement / Play


Toss – Find a large container your child can use to throw items into (a box would work great). You can encourage your child to throw small soft toys like stuffed animals, small balls or clothing items like socks/shirts. Show your child how to throw the first item in the box and tell them to copy you. When they throw it into the box, cheer them on. Your child will like this game better if you and other family members are also throwing items in the box.