Volume 33

August 17, 2021

How to Beat the Heat!
As is gets hotter here in our area, Here is a few ways to beat the heat. And if it is still too hot for you and your family at the bottom there is a link for cooling stations offered by king County.
– Please make sure that your family is drinking plenty of water.
– Making popsicles out of juice is another way to get more hydration in to your children.
– Also try taking a picnic to a nice shady spot at your favorite park. This will also be a great way to stay cool and not use the kitchen that can make your house warmer.
And if none you still need a space to cool down here is a link to the Cooling shelters in the King county area.

Online Classroom Link And Updates
Here is the link to the online Classroom.
Password will be in the weekly email.

Important Dates:
Teacher Mareah Day off– August 13th
Teacher Mareah Vacation– August– 23rd-26th
In Person classes Begin- September 20(More information to come)

Ms. Mareah Videos!
I am reading “123 Peas” Password sent in email

Math / Science

Activity: Pattern Collage

Follow the steps on the link and see what patterns your child can make.


Language / Literacy

Books: Reading Practice

Read your child favorite book them them and try to see if they can tell it back to you.
Class code: rpz9800


Art / Writing

Activity: Name writing practice

Use ice to have your child draw their name on paper or side walk. You can also add food color

Problem Solving

Game: Treehouse Trouble

This is on online that you child need to help fix the tree house.

Social Emotional

Game: Neighbor Day

This is a game helps your child learn empathy by helping neighbors

Movement / Play

Activity: Ice Sensory bin

Fill a large pot with cool water and ice and add some tub toy soap food coloring