Volume 33

July 26, 2021


OPTION B news:

THIS Week 7/26-30: CLASS ONLY THURS & FRI 10:30-11:00 while T. Rebecca on vacation: I will make a new class invite just for those two days: Thurs 7/29 is playdoh 10:30-11:00 & Fri 7/30 10:30-11:00 is Parent Participation Multicultural Book Reading and Talking about D.E.A.R. Books

Week 8/2-8/6: NO CLASS Mon-Wed/Teacher Rebecca on vacation 

Newsletter set to 7.5 hours of home learning a week

UPDATES: The rest of this summer, we will focus on practicing self-help skills, conversation, and READING/STORTYTELLING:

-having kids share favorite books aloud with others,

-tell stories,

-and practice D.E.A.R=Drop Everything And Read which is what elementary kids do every day: focused reading every day!

For literacy Home Learning, try checking out Seattle Public Library

Begin with Books Kits- Each kit contains:

  • Five board books
  • A music CD
  • Resource book
  • Activity card

To order the kits, use our online catalog. When you place a hold on the kits, they will be delivered to the branch you choose.

Preschool book kit on SPL Website

The first page of books is all checked out except the gardening kit but there is a whole bunch of other kits including new babies, the beach, dragons, etc. available!

Social Emotional

Listen to the “social-emotional leaning song” and watch along with your children. Can they be helpful and friendly on the playground? While playing with their brothers and sisters? Remind them of how the characters in the song are good friends.

SKILLS: conversation about feelings and vocabulary and practicing relaxation/self-regulation skills.

Language / Literacy


Froggy rides a bike


Make writing practice fun by drawing pictures to go with the different letters. This week we ended with the letters G & H. Can you draw some of these G words and write the word?


10 Best Songs for Children

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Vocabulary/conversation practice/writing letters to identify pictures =labeling


Art / Writing


Draw with number dots and make a line go between them to make a picture.

SKILLS: motor skill of drawing, conversation skills, vocabulary PLUS # or letter recognition.

Math / Science

Listen to this math song and do the movements:

SKILLS: conversation, counting, observation and recalling details


SCIENCE: Learn about trees! Read this book and take a look at a tree on your walk or at the park. What do you see on the tree? What color are the leaves? This is great vocabulary and helps your kid learn about the world around them.

Problem Solving


Play the game “what do you hear?”.  Ask your children to sit by an open window or outside and then have them close their eyes or put a hat over their eyes so they’re focusing on listening. Ring a bell or clap your hands after 30 seconds or a minute and ask them what did they hear? Can I draw you a picture of it or tell you a story about what they heard? Maybe they heard a sound like a bird but you saw a different animal. Share your stories!

SKILLS: describing things out loud & listening & taking turns, and recalling. 

Movement / Play


Exercising for 40 minutes a day it is important for kids physical and emotional

health. Exercising helps him calm down enough to listen to other seated activities and parent messages.

-Number 1) take 10 minute exercise breaks: -a 10 minute walk around the block, a 10 minute running race in the backyard from one side to the other, 10 minutes of an exercise video.

2) Try a game of indoor golf:

-if you have a toy hockey or golf stick or a small broom you can give your kids some bowls or cups that you can prop up, then see if they can put a small ball into one of the cups! You can have one cup or more. Older children will have fun adding up their points!

SKILLS: muscle practice, exercise, conversation, and recall