Volume 32

July 19, 2021


OPTION B news:

Parent meeting for Rebecca‘s group will be on Sunday 7/25, 3:00-3:45: Topic- Preparing your children for the return to classrooms: activities that help them do self-help & practice conversation

THIS Week 7/19-23: bring a tray of sand/dirt every day and a small Tupperware of water on Wed: we will feel, observe, and write our letters on our tray

Week 7/26-30: CLASS ONLY THURS & FRI 10:30-11:00 while T. Rebecca on vacation: I will do Home Visits on Thurs and Fri before and after class

Week 8/2-8/6: NO CLASS Mon-Wed/Teacher Rebecca on vacation 

Newsletter set to 7.5 hours of home learning a week

Social Emotional

Read the book How Do I Feel Today?

How Do I Feel Today? (

SKILLS: conversation about feelings and vocabulary and practicing relaxation/self-regulation skills.

Language / Literacy


When I was a kid before computers, we would listen to “dial a story” from the public library.  There are books to listen to a public libraries across the country just by dialing a phone number but this one you can listen to on a browser screen.

Dial a story: boats will float

Duck on a Bike: David Shannon, David Shannon: 9780439050234:  Books

Duck on a bike book:

Sun Flower Lion: Henkes, Kevin, Henkes, Kevin: 9780062866103:  Books

Listen to teacher Rebecca’s video of Sun, Flower, Lion read aloud

Art / Writing


Return to in person practice:

-In our classrooms we ask kids to draw a picture of what they want to play each day.

-We invite them to write letters or words to tell about their plans. You can do this at home too!


Listen and learn music class for kids color songs: sing along:

When animals get up in the morning is one of my favorite songs to sing with kids because you can sing it about the animals in any book, you don’t even have to watch a video.

This version has the words of the song to look at too!

-Ask them if they can make the sounds of the animals in the books you read?

-For fun you can help your children dress up like animals. Do they want to make an animal headband with paper? Maybe you have clothes that are the color of their favorite animal?

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Vocabulary/conversation practice/writing letters to identify pictures =labeling

Make an animal headband like I discussed in the song space above. Cut one or two thin strips of paper and tape or glue them together to fit around your child’s head. Cut some triangles, circles, and rectangles and invite them to color them and glue/tape them on to make the ears, eyes, hair of an animal. 

SKILLS: motor skill of drawing, conversation skills, vocabulary PLUS # or letter recognition.

Math / Science

Math practice: here’s a four day lesson plan of pattern and number recognition and number-object matching activities. You can use any kind of objects in your house or rocks or sticks from outside 🙂  I used water/milk jug caps and small animal erasers.


How to make oil & water play bottles:

SKILLS: conversation, counting, observation and recalling details

Problem Solving


Read this book online and ask your child to find the animals they are talking about: can they spot them on the page?

Pig Hiding

SKILLS: describing things out loud & listening & taking turns, and recalling. 

Movement / Play

Try to do the row your boat actions superfast!

Row your boat faster

Roar like a dino while you dance: T- rex songs and moving

SKILLS: muscle practice & exercise and conversation and recall