Volume 31

July 5, 2021

Teachers: Martha Dominguez and Mamata Das | Remote Learning Summer Program

SUMMER 2021 Vol. 31 | Week of 07/05 – 09/2021

Tips & Resources

WA Lottery Vaccination

American Academy of Pediatrics Drowning Prevention

Swim Safety Tips*r1ao0p*_ga*OTkyMzkyOTgyLjE2MjQ1NDM4OTk.*_ga_FD9D3XZVQQ*MTYyNTE2ODAzNy4xLjAuMTYyNTE2ODAzOC4w

CDC Swimming and Ear Infection

Stay Safe this Fourth of July 1, 2021*hf668m*_ga*OTkyMzkyOTgyLjE2MjQ1NDM4OTk.*_ga_FD9D3XZVQQ*MTYyNTE2ODAzNy4xLjEuMTYyNTE2ODIxMS4w&_ga=2.141695728.337573330.1625168037-992392982.1624543899

Social Emotional

60 minutes

Story: Apple Pie Fourth of July

Apple Pie Fourth of July: Wong, Janet S., Chodos-Irvine, Margaret: 9780152057084: Books

Music Video: Fireworks | Laurie Berker


Language / Literacy

60 minutes

Book: Chicka Chicka Boo Boom

Cover art

ABC Chant | Super Simple Songs

Video: Sand Writing

Art / Writing

60 minutes

Story: Day at the Beach

Day at the Beach (Jeter Publishing): Booth, Tom, Booth, Tom: 9781534411050: Books

Song: Make Lines and Curves

Math / Science

Story: I See Summer I See Summer (9781404868526): Ghigna, Charles, Jatkowska,  Agnieszka Malgorzata: Books

Song: Good Food by Jack Hartmann

Good Foods | Healthy Foods Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann - YouTube

Beach – Inspired Snack

Need: bread; toaster; fish cookie cutter; plastic knife; butter, cinnamon, sugar, apple, blueberry, and orange.

  • Toast the bread spread butter and then sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.
  • Cut the apple into flat thin and shape it into fish, blueberry for eyes, and oranges for fins and tail. Enjoy snacking!

Problem Solving

60 minutes

Story: Swimmy by Leo Leonni

  1. What would you do if you were Swimmy and trying not to be eaten?
  2. ¿Qué harías tú, si fueras Swimmy tratando de que no te comieran?
  3. What are other ways animals disguise themselves?
  4. ¿De qué otra manera se disfrazaron los animales?
  5. Why is teamwork important?
  6. ¿Porque es importante trabajar en equipo?

Trace a big fish on paper and fill it in with goldfish crackers.

Dibuje un pez grande en papel y rellénelo con galletas de pececitos (golfish).

Trace any other size and fill it in with assorted glass beads, or small rocks.

Dibuje un pez de cualquier medida y rellénelo con cuentitas de vidrio de colores sorteados, o piedras pequeñas.

Make a rainbow fish pattern using different color or sizes with the beads.

Haga un patrón en un pez arcoíris usando cuentitas de diferentes colores

Swimming Song by the Learning Station

Movement / Play

DYI Outdoor Games for summer

Zumba Kids | Dance Freeze

Surf and Yoga