Volume 30

August 6, 2021

Teacher Tina                                                          8/9 to 8/13

Here is my email:

Teacher Tina:

Email me anytime if you have any questions.


I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and getting outdoors and staying hydrated.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with you each week on during our home visits. Feel free to call/text me with any question you may have

Fun at the ocean


I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and you are able to get outside since our weather is much nicer now

Language / Literacy

Encourage your child to read to you or listen to you read to them at least 30 minutes each day.


Math / Science


Here is some extra fun if your child wants to play a game.

  1. Have a water bucket relay

This works well when you have a mix of toddlers and older kids. The game has a simple premise, with two teams (of two or more kids) lined up facing each other. The aim is to transfer water from one bucket full of water (next to the first child in the line) along the line to the empty bucket at the end. Kids do this by scooping the water and pouring it into the next child’s container. Give them 3-4 minutes on the timer, and the team with the most water in their end bucket wins.

Art / Writing


Look outside and find a rock to paint

You can even add eyes to have a pet rock

Here is a few videos from Teacher Tina

Click on the link below


Making bubbles at homeJ


Teacher Tina reading Can you guess the food book

Shape recognition with Teacher Tina