Volume 1

October 4, 2021

Teachers Suzanne, Mary, and Mimi
Week October 4th through 8th Learning Resource 

Message from Teachers

Hello Parents!  Happy Fall!  

This Learning Resource is now from our AM and PM RV Teachers.  We are happy to have our new PM Lead Teacher Mary with us.  You will see activities and information from Teacher Suzanne, Teacher Mary, and Teacher Mimi weekly.   Always feel free to reach out to your child’s Teacher for any questions or concerns.   See our information listed below.    

Links below have some great articles and information about home learning and teaching with your child and information on different areas of learning.  Please take a look.   Hope these are helpful.  Enjoy the fun learning activities as well.

Have a great week! 

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Useful Links

Our four program-wide expectations are Be Compassionate, Be Curious, Be A Community and Be Courageous. This week we will focus on how children can be courageous.

We are courageous when we:

  • Try new things for the first time
  • Ask questions
  • Make a mistake and try again
  • Share their own feelings
  • Stand up for what is right

In this week’s Learning Resource, you’ll find an activity to help your child learn about Being Courageous! Let us know how it went!

In this week’s learning resource, you’ll find an activity related to this week’s expectation. Let us know how it went!

Language / Literacy

Mystery Bag

Place three objects beginning with the same letter in a bag (such as ball, bug, and button for B).

Ask your child to pull each item out of the bag and name each item. Then ask them to name the letter.

Learning Letter Sounds - PreKinders

Guess Who?  Lang/Lit

Say three words.

Ask your child to guess whose name begins with the same sound as those three words. For example, call out:

  • lake
  • lemon
  • lamp

Your child might say Lema.  If there are more names in your family, they can call all names beginning with the same letter.

Math / Science

Three Sisters Soup

Click the link below to enjoy a book about vegetables and soup.  Then you may want to make soup at home or draw pictures.  You can talk about how the vegetables grew from a seed into a vegetable.  Then you can talk about how the vegetable changes when cooked.

Three Sisters Soup

Movement / Play

Be Courageous!

Make a line or many lines on your carpet with masking tape.  The picture shows a pretend spider web.   Your child shows how they are courageous by balancing on a line.   Then they can try hopping on the lines without falling.

Spider Web Walking Spelling Game - No Time For Flash Cards

Social Emotional

I Am Special Songs

I Am Special (Tune: Frere’ Jacques)
I am special, I am special (point to self)
If you look, you will see
Someone very special, someone very special,
It is me, it is me!! (Point to self)

Look who’s special.
Look who’s special.
Is it her, you, or me?
No, it’s all of us, you see!
We’re all so special as can be!

Special Special (Tune: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
Special special special me
How I wonder what I’ll be
In this big world I can be
Anything I want to be
Special special special me
How I wonder what I’ll be