Volume 3

October 6, 2021

Ms. Hanifa

High Point – Community Center
October 6-9, 2020 ~ Week 2


Please have your child ready for class with a marker and pieces of paper.

Practice using Teams with your child so they are ready to learn.

Please have your volume all the way up on your laptop or tablet.

Example Of Learn@home One Week

Mystery Question of the Week:

Are you wearing green?

  • In your home check to see who is wearing green.

Language / Literacy


Watch and listen as Triangle plays a trick on Square?

How many sides does a triangle have.

Talk about feelings.

Language / Literacy

Literacy – Letter of the Week A

This week we will talk about the letter A. We will learn how to write, read and practice  the American Sign Language Sign for A.

*What you can do at home:

        Find items in your house that begin with the letter A.

        Draw pictures of those items.

        Practice writing, identifying it in books and sounding out the letter A

Problem Solving


Provide children with one hour or more of free choice play, every day.

Math / Science


Talk about the weather, what does it look like today?

Is it rainy, sunny, windy or cloudy?

Math / Science


Number of the week and shape: 3 and triangle

*What you can do at home:

Practice drawing the number 3

Use self-talk, “around to the middle, down and around”

Practice counting to three and count the sides of a triangle.

Make a picture using triangles.

Problem Solving

Attention Focusing:

This week’s challenge:

You will use both of your index fingers facing towards each other.

Step 1: Create circles moving away from your body

Step 2: Create circles moving towards your body

Step 3: Have one index finger moving clockwise and the other moving counter-clockwise

Language / Literacy

Virtually Learning Chant ~ Tune Spongebob Squarepants theme song

Are ya ready kids?

Ai ai Ms Hanifa

I cant hear you

Ai ai Ms Hanifa


Whos learning from home and using a tablet

I am, I am

Staying Safe and learning together

We are, We are

My classroom is the living room oh my goodness

My classroom is the living room oh my goodness

I’m smart, I’m ready, I can do anything

I’m smart, I’m ready, I can do anything

Virtually Learning x4