Volume 3

October 11, 2021

Teacher Rebecca HPCC PM CLASS
3rd Fall Newsletter October 12-16


Thank you for all your hard work to get materials ready for your child and to help them stay connected on their Microsoft teams’ calls!

Email Updates about teams calls = more people to share ideas and help us! I know you get a lot of emails when I add people to the invitation for the call but I wanted to let you know I’m adding in some of the family service workers and other teachers so that they can observe how our classes go and maybe try those things themselves, and to help me assess the things your children are learning.

Help us by stepping back and letting your children practice their skills slowly/at their own level: Parents: thanks for showing your children how to do some of the things like drawing. Now that your children are getting used to drawing, I want you to try to step back a little bit so I can see which things they can do for themselves. In our curriculum, we understand that children are at different levels and that they might only be able to make a couple squiggles or dots. That is OK! We will reward their success and watch them get stronger at drawing lines and dots and other things.

Suggested home activities= 10 hours a week: let me know how many hours you think you did when we talk at our parent-teacher check in each week!  Thanks J

Language / Literacy


We had fun reading this cartoon book about sharing ice cream with a friend:

Should I Share My Ice Cream? (An Elephant and Piggie Book): Willems, Mo,  Willems, Mo: 9781423143437: Books

Reminder: unite for has many awesome books in multiple languages: Spanish, Somali etc.!

You can read the books on your phone or straight from their website and there is audio if you show your kid how to turn the audio on and they have books about science and other things 🙂

It's Fall!

Here’s the book It’s Fall

Suggestion: read for a half an hour a day online or with books in your home= 2.5 hrs. Week

Art / Writing


We’ve been practicing some songs with:


-also everyone is really loving the baby shark song that we listen to with audio but you can also watch the video 🙂

Baby Shark – Nursery Rhymes With Caitie

Suggestion: sing /do movements 3×.25= 45 minutes a week

Math / Science

SENSORY: Practicing Tool of the Mind Playdough Shapes

Some of you have gotten online with me to do Play-Doh session where we practice making snakes, balls, and pancakes. I hope you can try these things with your child at home and the snakes can talk to each other :-), you could put ice cream balls on pancake plates, and other fun things. You could make snow people! You could make birthday cakes with tiny little snake candles!

When I was a nanny I would also offer the children some other materials to add to the Play-Doh like Real birthday candles, Plastic flowers, popsicle sticks, or other things from my art supplies or my kitchen drawers to make the Playdough work fun.

Suggested activity time: two times a week for 30 minutes or shorter times more days =one hour week

Movement / Play


Practice using a softball to make a “basket” by getting the ball into the basket multiple times and then move the basket back to increase the difficulty of the challenge.

Suggested activity time two times a week for 15 minutes =1/2 hour

FAMILY FUN: Playgrounds are open again in many parts of the city. The city is asking you to:

  • make sure you are well before taking your children to play
  • Children over the age of two should wear a mask on the playground equipment
  • Please limit the number of people in one area so that it doesn’t get too crowded.

Suggested activity time: at least 1/2 hour of vigorous exercise a day: combined with indoor music and movement and ball playing (1.5 already)=5.25 Free choice outside play at your house, on a walk, or at the playground