Volume 29

June 21, 2021

Teacher Mamata and Martha’s


WEDNESDAY JUNE 30TH, 2021 FROM 12:00 – 1:00 P.M.

Tips & Resources

  1. Parent Map Family Fun Calendar
  2. Video: Welcome to WAKids
  3. Seattle Public Schools Resources
  4. Support Learning with Play
  5. 10 Cosas Sobre el Juego
  6. What Has the Pandemic Taught You?
  7. CDC Healthy Schools
  8. Encompass Website

Social Emotional

60 minutes

Story: I Promise

I loved this book’s message!

And I wonder, how can we encourage our children to be themselves; and try their best on everything they do? How would you do it?

Me encanta el mensaje de este libro!

Y me pregunto, como podemos alentar a nuestros hijos e hijas para que sean ellos mismos; y traten de dar lo mejor de si en todo lo que hagan? Como lo harian ustedes como padres de familia?

Graduation Song for Preschoolers and Kindergarten | The Kiboomers

Language / Literacy

60 minutes

Story: Kindergarten ABC

Make a wish list from A-Z?

Can you name other things you might find at your new classroom or school.

Attendance, Bus, Cafeteria, Desk, and so on.

Song: We’re Moving Up to Kindergarten

Art / Writing

Story: The King of Kindergarten


Private Speech: around, stop

Closing a Cycle, and Celebrating Children, Colleagues with Certificates!

Can you think of more words with the letter C?

      CAR                                CRAB                      CATERPILLAR               CAT

Math / Science

Story: Inch by Inch

After reading the story, have child practice using a ruler if available! If not use a pencil, or a belt, or other objects that can be used to measure.

Despues de leer la historia, deje que su hijo practique a medir con una regla si la tiene! Si no, use un lapiz, un cinturon o cualquier otro objeto que pueda usarse para medir.

12 Inches in a foot | A Measurement Song

Making a Graduation Cap!

Haciendo una Gorra de Graduacion!


Problem Solving

How many blocks does it take to reach from the piano leg to the chair leg? Place them in a line right in front of each other.

Cuantos bloques necesita para alcanzar del piano a la pata de la silla? Acomode los bloques uno enfrente del otro.

Build a ramp using blocks and the large green piece of wood.  Put the cars on it and see if they zoom down.

Construye una rampa usando bloques y la rampa verde de madera. Coloca los carros en la tabla y observa si bajan muy rapido.