Volume 29

June 21, 2021

Teacher Mamata and Martha’s


WEDNESDAY JUNE 30TH, 2021 FROM 12:00 – 1:00 P.M.

Tips & Resources

  1. Parent Map Family Fun Calendar https://www.parentmap.com/calendar?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=FULL%20CALENDAR%20%E2%96%BA&utm_campaign=parentmap-weekender-south-06-17-2021&date=2021-06-22
  2. Video: Welcome to WAKids  https://video.link/w/zPi2c
  3. Seattle Public Schools Resources https://www.seattleschools.org/departments/early_learning/resources
  4. Support Learning with Play https://www.naeyc.org/our-work/families/support-learning-with-play
  5. 10 Cosas Sobre el Juego https://www.naeyc.org/our-work/families/10-cosas-sobre-el-juego
  6. What Has the Pandemic Taught You? https://www.naeyc.org/resources/pubs/tyc/spring2021/pandemic-lessons
  7. CDC Healthy Schools https://www.cdc.gov/healthyschools/index.htm
  8. Encompass Website https://www.encompassnw.org/resources/

Social Emotional

60 minutes

Story: I Promise https://video.link/w/4gk2c

I loved this book’s message!

And I wonder, how can we encourage our children to be themselves; and try their best on everything they do? How would you do it?

Me encanta el mensaje de este libro!

Y me pregunto, como podemos alentar a nuestros hijos e hijas para que sean ellos mismos; y traten de dar lo mejor de si en todo lo que hagan? Como lo harian ustedes como padres de familia?

Graduation Song for Preschoolers and Kindergarten | The Kiboomers https://video.link/w/YWb2c

Language / Literacy

60 minutes

Story: Kindergarten ABC


Make a wish list from A-Z?

Can you name other things you might find at your new classroom or school.

Attendance, Bus, Cafeteria, Desk, and so on.

Song: We’re Moving Up to Kindergarten


Art / Writing

Story: The King of Kindergarten



Private Speech: around, stop

Closing a Cycle, and Celebrating Children, Colleagues with Certificates!

Can you think of more words with the letter C?

      CAR                                CRAB                      CATERPILLAR               CAT

Math / Science

Story: Inch by Inch


After reading the story, have child practice using a ruler if available! If not use a pencil, or a belt, or other objects that can be used to measure.

Despues de leer la historia, deje que su hijo practique a medir con una regla si la tiene! Si no, use un lapiz, un cinturon o cualquier otro objeto que pueda usarse para medir.

12 Inches in a foot | A Measurement Song 


Making a Graduation Cap!

Haciendo una Gorra de Graduacion!

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/563816822

Problem Solving

How many blocks does it take to reach from the piano leg to the chair leg? Place them in a line right in front of each other.

Cuantos bloques necesita para alcanzar del piano a la pata de la silla? Acomode los bloques uno enfrente del otro.

Build a ramp using blocks and the large green piece of wood.  Put the cars on it and see if they zoom down.

Construye una rampa usando bloques y la rampa verde de madera. Coloca los carros en la tabla y observa si bajan muy rapido.