Volume 29

July 12, 2021

Message from Teacher Dave & Teacher Jessica

We are thankful that we are able to continue exploring with your kids this summer, and hope you are all enjoying the season and staying safe!

Book It! Program for Reading is a fun promotion that encourages kids to do reading and learning activities. You can sign up online and log your child’s reading/learning activities, and they can get a free personal pizza each month when they meet their goals. Sign up here:

BOOK IT! for Parents | The Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program (

We are here to support you and your families. We appreciate you continually letting us know how you are doing.

We hope you have a great week!

Social Emotional

You can make face masks exploring different emotions (for example: happy, sad, angry, silly) by using paper plates or cutting out paper with scissors and drawing different expressions with markers. You can use craft sticks and tape as a way to hold them up. You can use these masks for pretend play and to explore how characters in books may be feeling.

Math / Science

ICE EXCAVATION- This is a fun activity you can do with your kids in this hot weather! To prepare it, you can freeze little plastic figurines or small craft items like pom-poms or glitter in water—putting the items and water in water balloons, Ziploc bags, or freezable plastic food storage and then freezing them overnight. You can use warm water to help you remove the frozen blocks, and then your child can use things like warm water and toy tools to begin removing the items from the frozen block.

Language / Literacy

Play Alphabet Pillow Jumping! Write alphabet letters on paper plates or paper. Tape the letters to the pillows and spread the pillows around the room. (If you don’t have many pillows, you can just put the letters on the ground). Have your kid(s) start on one side of the room and try and jump to the other side saying each letter name as they jump. If they already know their letters, have them say the letter sounds and words that start with that letter as well. You can also adapt this to be an outdoor game by writing letters in chalk.

Art / Writing

  • Make a Fish Paint Craft:
    • Use blue and white paint to make different shades of blue
    • (you can add glitter if you have any!)
    • Use scissors to cut out little fish out of colored paper
    • Give your child a piece of paper
    • help them write their name on the back before they start painting
    • Let them paint the paper blue with paintbrushes, cotton swabs, or their fingers!
    • Once the paint is dry, help your child glue the fishes to the paper.