Volume 29

June 29, 2021


Head Start classes are continuing in the summer as regularly scheduled

* Monday, July 5 holiday= no school

Teachers’ vacations will be announced as they occur. Teacher Rebecca will take some time off at the end of July.

* SAVE YOUR RECYCLED CONTAINERS for BUILDING: Option B group will do building with blocks/magnet-tiles/legos or other building toys 7/6-7/9: you can use these too if you need more! Yogurt cups, small boxes, lids, etc.

Newsletter set to 7.5 hours a week of home learning!

Social Emotional

Sing the Calm Down Song from the Second Step Social-Emotional curriculum:

“When your heart is all a-flutter,

And you’re panting like a dog,

When your legs are feeling shaky,

And your mind is in a fog

CHORUS: “ It’s time to Put your hand on your tummy -Say “Calm down” Take a deep breath And count out loud—1, 2, 3, 4 Feel yourself calm down”

When you’ve just been scared by something,

There’s aching in your tummy,

When you’re really sad or worried And your body’s feeling crummy

CHORUS:  “It’s time to Put your hand on your tummy -Say “Calm down” Take a deep breath And count out loud—1, 2, 3, 4 Feel yourself calm down”

SKILLS: conversation about feelings, vocabulary


Language / Literacy


Read: Dr. Suess’s Book of Animals:

Treats for a T-Rex

Listen to Teacher Rebecca read the book One about learning to be a better friend  Password = NH


Watch this sign language video: can you sign words for the letters and say the sounds of the letters? Then draw a picture to show the words for that letter!  A is for apple and says “Ahhh”

ABC phonics with sign language vocabulary


Practice the names of the insects we see outside and try drawing them…

Butterfly, Ladybug, Bumblebee:

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Vocabulary/conversation practice

Math / Science

MATH: Shapes are Everywhere – can you find shapes in your house? Draw how many you can find!

SCIENCE: Watch this video of Underwater Life you like to dive and see the animals too?  What animal would you be?  Sing the song “When animals get up in the morning” while looking at the animals.  What will the water animals say?

SKILLS: conversation, counting, observation and recalling details

Problem Solving



Read the book Clothesline Clues: can you guess what clothes are coming up?

SKILLS: describing things out loud & listening & taking turns, and recalling. 

Movement / Play

Act out the Alphabet

Watch the Letters Get Down: Dance and Move!

Walk with your kids!!!!!!!

Found a great site where the writer says “ ‘How can I create a situation where my child can develop walking endurance?

If you’re all excited about heading out for a 30-minute walking session because YOU need the movement, that’s all great, but you’re basically setting the kid (and yourself) up for failure. Don’t use your walking time for the child’s necessary training session. The kid needs his own walk, that allows him to successfully complete the entire walk on his own two legs. Say “Hey Sam! It’s time for your walk! Let’s go!

  1. Do this 2-3 times a day.
  2. Walk only about 7-10 minutes, tops. Slightly more if it’s easy, slightly less if they are unable.
  3. Increase the length of your walk, by 2-3 minutes (or about 10%) every week.’ “

SKILLS: muscle practice & exercise and conversation and recall