Volume 29

August 23, 2021


  1. Please check mail box for laptop return envelope.
  2. All videos have a password please refer to the text message or email.

Movement / Play

Movement: While outside or  in a large area practice kicking the ball while running. (1-5 times a week for 30 minutes)

Math / Science


  1. Read Story Lab: Mango Abuela and Me from (Tools at Home Link) talk about how the characters feel during the middle and end of the book.

Mango, Abuela, and Me: Medina, Meg, Dominguez, Angela: 9780763669003: Books

  1. Practice rhyming:
    1. Discuss- words that sound the same; rhyme
    2. Video –
    3. Read Aloud –

Math / Science


  1. Review number 1-10
    1. Read Aloud: Toasty Toes by Michael Dahl
      1. Video
    2. Number Recognition
    3. Counting out 1:1

(10 minutes 3 times a week)

Art / Writing


  1. Watch this video: Paint letters and a picture in this activity.
  2. Write a story together (Beginning, End)
    1. Draw a picture of what happens in the story
    2. Say the Story out loud
      1. Example:There was a dragon. He flew across the ocean.
    3. Help your child draw lines for their story.

Social Emotional

Social Emotional: Watch this video Howard B Wiggle Bottom Lesson 14: To Get Along With Others

  1. Watch: \
  2. Questions:
    1. Did Howard let his friends have a turn?
    2. How can we get along when we are in class?

Problem Solving

Problem Solving:

Make Play dough together with your child, recipe below. Take turns mixing dry ingredients, make a plan together and give your child the choice of playdough food coloring.


Challenge of the Week:

Practice clapping and singing along to our Months of the year song. Clap to every syllable.

(15 minutes/ daily)