Volume 28

June 21, 2021


Head Start classes are continuing in the summer as regularly scheduled *Except for Monday, July 5 holiday= no school and teachers vacations Will be announced as they occur. Teacher Rebecca will take some time off at the end of July..

Newsletter set to 7.5 hours a week of home learning!

Social Emotional

Catch your children in the act of doing something helpful!

When you’re busy and see them across the room picking up something, following through on what you asked them to do, helping their sibling, then call out to them:

– “I noticed that you helped…, that you listened to what I said, and that you are sharing and taking turns…”

-In all my years of experience being a teacher and a parent this is a important thing for kids to hear. They want to be noticed and they want us to see them doing good deeds!

SKILLS: conversation about feelings, vocabulary

Language / Literacy

Libraries are opening up around the city! If you do not want to spend, a lot of time inside you can:

  • order some books online to pick up,

– go in without your children and take a few board books that do not have to get checked out,

-or order some toddler or preschooler book bags that have 5 to 7 books plus a game page and parent book or CD


Tired of all the books in your house?

-Use “” to read right on your Google screen of the tablet. You do not have to download anything or create a password!

-Why do it? The talking button can read aloud for kids so they practice looking/listening to words even when you are too tired to read 🙂

Listen to Teacher Rebecca Read this book and see how the fruits are subtracted from the basket as the story goes along.

Art / Writing


Play “mixed up names“

-Make a paper puzzle out of your child’s name. After they practice matching it to the name written down on another paper, invite them to make more words out of their name.

-What words do they see in their picture books? Can they make any words in a book with the letters in their name?

-They don’t even need to know how to read the words they can match letters like a puzzle!



This week option B group has been singing a lot of the song “when animals get up in the morning…”.

Here’s a variation with “when cows get up in the morning“

This version has the words of the song to look at too!


LANGUAGE SKILLS: Vocabulary/conversation skills

Let your kids draw on or in a box! They can pretend it’s a car or a fire truck or a boat!

SKILLS: motor skill of drawing, conversation skills, vocabulary.

Math / Science


Play a bingo game with your kiddos! Ask the big kids to make a square piece of paper and divided into sections by folding it. Put numbers or numbers and number dots for numbers in each of the squares. As you or the brother or sister call out the numbers then have your children put a block or some other kind of toy on top of the things that have been called out. Are they paying attention and when will they fill their whole board?



In the summer option B group is going to study trees every week. Get a Head start! Watch this little video and see if you can do the quiz about which tree is which?


SKILLS: conversation, counting, observation and recalling details

Problem Solving


20 Questions: think of something in your living room: tell your child 2 things about it and see if they can ask you yes or no questions to guess what it is?  Is it an animal?  Does it make noise?

SKILLS: describing things out loud & listening & taking turns, and recalling. 

Movement / Play


Exercise with boxes indoors: tie a scarf or some other thin cloth between some boxes with handles and let your kids jump or walk over them

Take a walk! Can you find any of these things on your walk? Big kids can read a list allowed. Little kids can draw three or four things on a paper and take it with them on a walk to find.


SKILLS: muscle practice & exercise and conversation and recall