Volume 27

June 21, 2021


          As we come to an end of the school year for some of the children, Teacher Jessica and I would both like to thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have shown this past year. With summer getting closer, we encourage you to spend more time outside in a safe and healthy way. We also want to acknowledge that some of the children will be moving on to Kindergarten in the fall.

          Please be sure to attend classes next week, as there will be small celebrations throughout the week. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Teacher Dave or Teacher Jessica.


Updated Jump Start and Transition to KG info from SPS:

SPS first school day info:

Seattle Public Library resources:

Our four program-wide expectations are Be Courageous, Be Curious, Be Compassionate, Be A Community. This week we will focus on how children can Be Compassionate.

We are compassionate when we:

  • Offer to help someone
  • Cheer someone up
  • Support others
  • Listen to how others are feeling
  • Listen to different ideas

Social Emotional

Be Compassionate – Rain Boy Book

This is a great book we love to read in class. With your child, watch this video of Teacher Anna reading the book. The story is about differences, acceptance, and loving yourself for who you are. Wherever he goes, Rain Boy brings wet—which means he’s not very popular. Sun Kidd brings sunshine everywhere she goes, so everyone loves her. Only Sun Kidd sees what’s special about Rain Boy. After watching the video with your child ask them, “How do you think Rain Boy felt when all the children were teasing him?” and “If you were in the story what would you do to help Rain Boy feel supported?” Here is the link:

Art / Writing

Graphics Practice -X Marks The Spot: Video

In this video, our friend Teacher Anna has recorded an activity we do often in class. Before watching this video ask your child to get a pencil/crayon/marker and a piece of paper or whiteboard and encourage them to sit at the table as they watch this video. If your child is not able to do the activity exactly how Teacher Anna is doing it that is ok, they are still learning and the important thing is to encourage them to practice! Use the previous password I have shared with you or ask me for it again.

Movement / Play

Go on a nature walk. There are many parks around us in Seattle to walk around and collect items. Beacon Food Forest in Jefferson Park is a great one that kids love to explore. Bring a small bag with you to collect pinecones, sticks leaves, flowers, rocks, or anything else your child is interested in. Remember to wear your mask!

Movement / Play


This activity is a fun activity to do with very minimal materials. Set up a mini bowling alley in the hallway or anywhere in your home by using plastic cups as bowling pins. Use the traditional triangle setup or create a stacked pyramid. Then roll any soft ball you have at home to knock them down. The goal is to try to knock all the pins down in one try!