Volume 26

June 7, 2021

Teachers Bea, Lisa, Suzanne and Margie
June 7 – 11 week  Learning Resource

Message from your teachers!

Hello Parents,

Thank you for your patience and support of your child through this challenging school year. Hope you and your family are able to enjoy your time in this beautiful weather.  Please see resources below.  As always feel free to contact us anytime.

Our four program-wide expectations are Be CourageousBe CuriousBe CompassionateBe A Community. This week we will focus on how children can Be Curious

We are Curious when we….

– explore new ideas

 ask “I Wonder” questions

– imagine the possibilities

– test our ideas

– value the challenge

In this week’s Learning Resource, you’ll find an activity to help your child learn about Being Curious! Let us know how it went!


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For those of you who signed up for Jump Start, here’s a link with some info!

Teacher Bea Email: Work Cell: (206)313-2646Teacher Lisa Email: Work Cell: (206) 480-7230Teacher Margie Email: Work Cell: (206)779-3881Teacher Suzanne Email: Work Cell: (206)398-9699

Movement / Play

Activities from Teacher Bea

In and Out

A fun activity for traveling, balancing skills, and pretend play.

Find or use a large cardboard box or place a sheet over a chair to create a tunnel.

Let your child crawl in and out.  Your child can add babies, stuffed animals, or play food to pretend or they can pretend they are a Bear in a tunnel.

Movement / Play

Activities from Teacher Lisa

Bean Bag Rock Homemade Video

Grab a bean bag and dance along to this fun song! If you do not have a bean bag at home, grab a stuffed animal or other soft toy!

Math / Science

Be Curious: Ask “I Wonder” questions

This activity helps with counting as well as expanding on your child’s current math skills! We are curious when we value challenges and ask questions. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Objects for counting (this can be anything! Crayons, buttons, blocks…)
  • And that’s it! J

Support your child as they practice counting up the objects. When they get as high as they can go, ask your child, “I wonder what number comes after” or “I wonder what would happen if I put some to the side, how many would be left?” Questions that can help your child think out loud and hands-on! This can help your child Be Curious while also helping extend their current skill!

Math / Science

Activities from Teacher Suzanne

Enjoy the book “Times of the Day” on the link below.  After reading or listening to the book, talk with your child about what they do in each part of the day.

Use 3 pieces of paper and markers and let your child draw the activities they do in the morning, day, and evening.  Talk about what happens first, second, third and number the activities.

Talk about the routines they have each day.   Pictures below are just examples.

Problem Solving

Activities from Teacher Margie

For Parent and child:   Wear a mask and go on a safe walk in a park, beach, or your neighborhood.  Try to find the items below.  Check them off as you see them!