Volume 30

June 7, 2021

Message from Teacher Negyat:

I know many people are having fun swimming during hot days. There are many things to remember to stay safe while having fun in the water. Click the link below to find some great reminders from John Hopkins.


Language / Literacy

Listen to Curious George Goes Fishing. Do you think the fish will like the cake George is using as bait? Click the link to listen to this silly book.


Math / Science

Make a chart on a piece of paper. In the left column write objects and in the right column you will write the number of steps it took to get from one place to the other. Point out two objects and say “how many steps does it take to get from ___ to ___?” Have your child count aloud with each step. Then help them to record the number of steps in the right column. Below is an example. You can choose any objects you want. You can pretend your home has turned into the great outdoors. Pretend your sofa in a giant rock, your refrigerator is a mountain or your rug is a lake!

Objects number of steps
couch to table 6 steps
bed to door 3 steps
wall to wall 12 steps
fridge to sink 5 steps

Language / Literacy

Listen to Day at the Beach. There are so many fun things to do at the beach! Listen to this book about building a sand castle and think about how the characters solve the problem in the book.


Movement / Play

Sing and Dance along with this camping song.

Sung to: “The Farmer and The Dell”

A camping we will go.
A camping we will go.
Hi ho we’re off to the woods.
A camping we will go.

Sue will bring the tent.
Oh Sue will bring the tent.
Hi ho we’re off to the woods.
A camping we will go.

Tom will bring the food.
Oh Tom will bring the food.
Hi ho we’re off to the woods.
A camping we will go.

Language / Literacy

Listen to Teacher Anna reading How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight. Share with someone what your favorite part of the book was.


Art / Writing

Help your child draw a trail map. Start by drawing a winding path. Then your child can add in water, mountain, trees, or anything else! This activity can be added on to for multiple days. Encourage your child to add more detail to the map.