Volume 26

June 7, 2021

Learning Resource for Week 36: June 7 – June 11

Message from Teacher Anna, Teacher Selena, & Teacher Mimi:

Hi Families!

One resource we talked about at the parent center meeting is the Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance Program (EPRAP). King County tenants with low incomes can now apply for a new round of financial help to pay off rent owed during the pandemic. Renters can apply for help through EPRAP at Find phone numbers for help in other languages at

Our four program-wide expectations are Be Courageous, Be Curious, Be Compassionate, Be A Community. This week we will focus on how children can be curious.

We are curious when….

We explore new ideas

We ask “I Wonder” questions

We imagine the possibilities

We test our ideas

We value the challenge

Suggested Home Learning Activities For This Week:

Problem Solving

Be Curious: Finding Answers –

This week we will focus on how to support your child on how to “be curious”. One important skill for children to have when they are being curious is learning how to find the answers to their “I wonder” questions.

The next time your child asks you a ‘why’ question, say to them, “Where do you think we can find the answer to that question?” Sometimes, this leads us to the library to get some new books on a topic, or it might take us to the internet together to look it up, or it might be a question that gets set aside until we visit someone who might know the answer (like a doctor, dentist, librarian etc.). Sometimes you might end up finding a new book on the topic, and as you are reading, if you find the answer, point it out.  “Hey!  That’s what you were wondering about!  We found the answer!  Cool.”

Whenever you get a ‘why’ question try to resist the urge to say “because I said so” and find a way to help your child understand why and how things work, this will support their curiosity.

Language / Literacy

The Squiggle: Book Video  This book is about a child who goes on a walk and finds a squiggle on the ground. The child uses their imagination to transform the squiggle into different things. After this video do the Squiggle Art activity below.

Art / Writing

Squiggle Art – For this activity draw a squiggle on a piece of paper and ask your child to turn that squiggle into something else. Try to let them come up with the idea before you offer any suggestions of your own to help promote their imagination. I like to draw the squiggle in a thick marker and then ask the child to use thinner markers or colored pencils so they can see the squiggle line at the end. Here you can see an example of what a squiggle line can look like before it is turned into a new thing.

Math / Science

Paper plate Jellyfish (Math/Science) – This activity helps your child with counting and number recognition.


  • Paper plate (if you do not have paper plates, you can use paper and draw/cut shapes with your child!)
  • Dot stickers (the stickers are purely for decoration, so if you do NOT have dot stickers, your child can simply color in more circles on the jellyfish!)
  • Glue or tape
  • Crayons, colored pencils or markers


  1. Cut however many paper plates you will use in half. (These will be the jellyfish.) If using paper, cut out some half-circle shapes!
  2. Then, draw eyes to each of the jellyfish half-circles.
  3. Align them on a big piece of paper
  4. Next, draw some lines under the jellyfish – use different amounts so your child can practice counting them!
  5. Use glue or tape to secure the jellyfish onto paper, lined up with the tentacle lines
  6. Your child can then look at each jellyfish, count the tentacles and then write down the number next to the jellyfish.

Movement / Play

Germs are not for sharing –

Listen to the Audio book “Germs are not for Sharing!” Then practice washing hands and sing the Hand washing song below:

Tops and bottoms

Tops and bottoms

In between

In between

All around your hands

All around your hands

Now they’re clean

Now they’re clean


Social Emotional


Yoga – Clear some space on the floor and follow along with these fun yoga stretching poses! Encourage your child to take deep