Volume 26

June 7, 2021


UPDATES: Welcome again to our new sibling and our new classmate in the option B group.

-Remember that if there’s more than 10 people on the screen then you won’t always see yourself unless you’re talking. I’m going to keep working on giving kids chances to talk and share and the best way to have enough turns to share is to remind your kids how to turn the speakers on and off and to turn them off yourself if you are talking by the tablet.  Once I turn off the speaker you’ll have to turn it on yourselves, it doesn’t work for me to turn it back on.

Newsletter set to 7.5 hours a week of home learning!

Social Emotional

Let your children listen/look at this song while they also work in a small mirror. Can they make those faces? This could keep them happy for awhile As they can amuse themselves with their silly faces and learn a lot about feelings at the same time:-)

Skills: conversation about feelings, vocabulary, Self-identity “I am special”

Language / Literacy


Go Pete go:

Teddy bears picnic story with Teacher Rebecca:

Art / Writing


-Using a sharp pencil and a piece of paper I held firmly by my finger and thumb,

-I punched holes in an alphabet letter

-And stitched that letter with a needle made of a unbent paper clip tied with string (Smash the raindrop/oval edge where the string is tied as tight as you can and make the pencil holes as large and round as you can by rolling the pencil in a circle as you poke the holes)


We love to sing baby shark with CATIE!

It looks like she’s doing lots of finger plays and movement exercises with the songs.

Let your kiddos watch and stretch and grow their mind and body!

Language skills: Vocabulary/conversation skills


Make fun pictures with a lot of alphabet letters together in patterns. 

Capital letters in my picture: A, T, V, and lowercase “x”

SKILLS: motor skill of drawing, conversation skills, vocabulary

Math / Science

Math class online: counting, 1:1 correspondence counting/touching objects, and songs

Math fable books with nature: math + science read aloud

SKILLS: conversation, math vocabulary, counting out loud, and matching objects to numbers.

Problem Solving


8 Problem Solving Games to Play With Your Preschooler

“Mom gives a clue about an object, then preschooler makes a guess.

Likely she will guess wrong after just one clue, so Mom will provide another one and she can guess again.  This keeps going until the preschooler has guessed correctly. Here’s an example of how this game could go:

Mom: I’m thinking of something big and soft

Preschooler: A bear?

Mom: Nope, it’s something you keep in the house.

Preschooler: The rug?

Mom: Not quite.  It’s something that you use at night and should be in right now, but you’ve left it three times to ask for another glass of water.

Preschooler: My bed?

Mom: That’s right! You win!

As her problem solving skills increase, the clues can be made harder encouraging her to ask more questions.”

SKILLS: describing things out loud & listening & taking turns. 

Movement / Play


Move with Me Song:

Movement song for preschoolers:

Going on a Dragon Hunt Yoga Movement:

Skills: virtual field trip/imagination and storytelling practice, exercise with stretching, and relaxation with yoga movement.