Volume 24

May 24, 2021

Message from Teacher Christina:

We will continue our camping trip this week! This week we will pretend to get to the camp site, set up camp and make dinner. If you have empty food containers your child could use to pretend to make an outdoor dinner, please set them aside for pretend play.

I know there have been questions about what is safe after being vaccinated for COVID 19. Click the link below for what you now safely do!

Language / Literacy

Listen to Olivia Goes camping. Olivia and her friend go camping together. They have different ideas about what is fun on the camping trip. Listen to this book with a sibling or parent and talk about what you think is fun about camping.

Movement / Play

Practice melting away that icky frozen feeling you get when you’re scared, frustrated, or angry. Watch the video and melt along with us.

Language / Literacy

Listen to S is for Smores. Go through the alphabet and listen to all the things to enjoy while camping.

Math / Science

Number recognition-I Have, Who Has: Practice numbers 11-20 with this fun game! Your child has played this game in school so they should be familiar with it. One player starts saying “I have _,” filling in the name of the number on the icon side of the card. Then the player turns over the card and asks “Who has _?” filling in the name of the number now showing on the non-icon side of the card. This goes on until all the cards are played. Click on the link below to play!

Language / Literacy

Listen to Pete the Cat Goes Camping. Listen as Pete the Cat goes on his first camping trip. When you are done listening to can make a fire like Pete’s mom.

Art / Writing

Make a camp fire! Use empty paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls to make a camp fire. Watch the video below to see how to make the campfire.


  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • Empty paper towel rolls
  • White paper
  • Markers