Volume 24

May 24, 2021

Learning Resource for Week 34: May 24 – May 28

Message from Teacher Anna, Teacher Selena, & Teacher Mimi:

Free Museum Passes for Families!

Did you know your Seattle Public Library card can help you get free admission to museums in Seattle? You and your family can enjoy exhibits on aviation, nature, science, and industry – all for free! You can reserve one pass per week with your library card and each pass includes at least two adult tickets.

Our four program-wide expectations are Be Courageous, Be Curious, Be Compassionate, Be A Community. This week we will focus on how children can be a community.

We are a community when….

We are kind to one another

We take care of one another

We embrace our differences and cultures

We share what we know and care about

We solve problems together

Language / Literacy

When The Band Comes Marching In Song – During our sessions or play groups, we listen to music and sometimes create our own sounds/beats with whatever items we have at home. I also use the song down below so that the kids and I can get an idea of what instruments we know and do not know. We would use our tangram shapes box as drums and pencils as drum sticks or we would even pretend we are playing the guitar and make guitar noises. Play the sound and grab anything you have at home to be a band!


Movement / Play

Bowling – I hope my friends heard of bowling! This activity is a fun activity to do with very minimal materials. Set up a mini bowling alley in the hallway or anywhere in your home by using plastic cups as bowling pins. Use the traditional triangle setup or create a stacked pyramid. Then roll any soft ball you have at home to knock them down. The goal is to try to knock all the pins down in one try!

Problem Solving

What is missing? memory game –  Boosting memory skills boosts other skills like concentration and attention. Gather a few toys you have at home or even school supplies (toy cars, duck puppet, robots, shapes, etc). Line up 3 to 6 items on the floor and allow your child to study the items. Once you give them some time to remember what is in front of them. Say out loud each item for example, “Red car, soft duck, small robot, blue square, etc.” and have your child repeat it out loud with you. Then have them turn around or close their eyes while you take one toy away. Once they turn back around or open their eyes, have them guess which item is missing! You can take turns with your child playing this fun game.

Art / Writing

Graphics Practice – Half eaten cookies (or half moons. Start by telling the story, “I came home and someone had taken a bite out of all of the cookies that I made. I’m going to draw what the cookies looked like.” Demonstrate what it looks like to draw the cookie and say out loud, “around, stop.” Have your child draw the half eaten cookie as you play and pause music. When the music is playing they draw the cookies and say “around, stop” with each semicircle. When the music is paused they hold their pencil or marker up. Continue to pause and play the music to help with self-regulation and practice writing/drawing skills. This figure looks like part of the letter G or D and will help your child when they are ready to write these letters later.

Social Emotional

Be A Community: Happy In Our Skin (Social Emotional) – This week we are going to be learning about how we can teach your child to be a community. The book, “Happy in Our Skin” paints a picture of a world that recognizes the value of diversity and accepting people, especially those who may be different from us. After listening to this book talk to your child about the people they saw in the book and how they were similar or different from themselves. Talk with them about your culture and other cultures that are in our community and how even though we are different we are kind and help each other.

Math / Science


Toss – Find a large container (like a box would work great) your child can use to throw items into. You can encourage them to throw small soft toys like stuffed animals, small balls or clothing items like socks/shirts. Show your child how to throw the first item in the box and tell them to copy you. When they throw it into the box cheer them on. Your toddler will like this game better if you and other family members are also throwing items in the box. As you throw the items count them out loud.