Volume 24

June 2, 2021

Goals For the Last Month
We nearing the end of the year. At your conference next week we will be taking about goals for their the end of summer Program or the end of year. If your child is going to Kindergarten in the fall, it will be gears toward get-ting your child ready for Kindergarten. Please think of a few goals to add to your child’s plan.

Online Classroom Link And Updates
Here is the link to the online Classroom.
Password will be in the weekly email.

Important Dates:
June 1– Spring Confer-ence Week
June 16– Library time
June 28– End the Of Year

Community Unit Theme
Last week we Learned about Postal workers and mail carriers. So this week I would like you to send a letter in the mail with you child. They can draw a picture for someone and put in the envelope, Help them Address the envelope. Then have them put the stamp on and put in the mailbox.

Ms. Mareah Videos!
Piggy and Elephant with Teacher Mareah (This help with rhyming words) Password sent in email

Math / Science

Language / Literacy

Resource: Epic Books–Online Books

Art / Writing

Work with your child on their
community Map (Here is another

You can add the post office to
the map

Social Emotional

Have your child Retell you their favorite Story

This is also in your home learn-ing plan. This help you child with recall development.