Volume 23

May 17, 2021

Message from Teacher Dheko:

We will begin a new play theme this week, Camping trip! This week we will pretend to be a family getting ready to head out on a camping trip. We will pretend to get a tent, pack up food, sleeping bags and flashlights. Think of what you have around your house for your child to use a props. Blankets can be hung on chairs to turn into a tent or a toilet paper roll can be a flashlight. Use the activities below to inspire you.

Our Parent meeting will be Tuesday May 25th at 3:30. Please mark your calendars and join us on zoom.

Language / Literacy

Listen to The Camping Trip. Aunt Jackie and Samantha invited Ernestine to go camping. Listen and learn about all the things to do on a camping trip. After you finish listening to the book, you can pretend you are a character in the book and act out your favorite part. Click the link below to listen.

Movement / Play

Build a tent with blankets and chairs. Collect some blankets and chairs your child can use to build a tent. It is best to use sheets because they are light weight. Have your child stretch the blanket over the chairs to create a tent. They can add in pillows and blankets to pretend to sleep in the tent.

Math / Science

I have Who has Shapes. One player starts saying “I have _,” filling in the name of the shape on the icon side of the card. Then the player turns over the card and asks “Who has _?” filling in the name of the shape now showing on the non-icon side of the card. This goes on until all the cards are played. Click on the link below to play!

Language / Literacy

Listen to the book Maisy Goes Camping. Listen along as the reader reads this book about all the animal friends going camping. What will happen when all the animals go in the tent? Click on the link to listen and read along.

Math / Science

Have your child draw shapes on the sidewalk. If you don’t have sidewalk chalk sometimes rocks can be used as chalk. Try collecting a few rocks and see if you can make marks on the sidewalk with them. You can draw a house, using a square and a triangle, for example, or a tall building, using a rectangle and triangle. A circle can become the sun. Challenge: Then have your child place rocks or sticks around the border counting how many it takes to trace all the way around the object. Then have your child write that number next to the drawing. 

Art / Writing

Make a flashlight at home to use for our camping trip. Cut a strip of paper out of the yellow paper or tissue paper. Glue it to the end of the roll. Draw a small rectangle as the “on/off” button. Watch the video below to watch Teacher Christina making a flashlight. Use the password I have given you for previous videos.


-paper towel roll or toilet paper roll

-yellow paper or tissue paper