Volume 23

July 5, 2021


  1. Tutorial for News Letter
  2. End of The Year Celebration  
  3. Tools of the Mind link Explore in Child Center.
  4. New Library Materials Link:
    Prepare all materials in backpack.
  5. REMINDER: Please remove any distractions (toys, TV, Distractions)
  6. REMINDER: Please have your child use the bathroom before class starts.
  7. All videos have a password please refer to the text message or email.

Movement / Play

Activity: Who Am I?

This activity promotes fantasy play and thinking skills, along with building gross motor skills.

Choose different animals and pretend to move like them. Take turns guessing what animal the other person is.

Try suggesting different categories to make it more challenging, such as animals that jump, fly or run.

  • Tortoise
  • Crab
  • Elephant
  • Seal
  • Snake
  • Butterfly
  • Rabbit

(1-5 times a week for 5 minutes)

Language / Literacy

  1. Story I Believe I Can by Grace Byers
    1. Link: Private video on Vimeo
  2. TOTM: The Three Little Pigs(Active Listening)
    1. Follow the story through our online classroom.
    2. Give an example of what you learned.
    3. Ask your child what they’ve learned.
    4. At the end have them draw a picture of something they learned, something new they did not know before.

Math / Science

  1. Pattern Making with Shapes.
    1. Teach: Repeating patterns using shapes
    2. Describe what you see
    3. Talk about patterns in life (stripes, food)
    4. Have fun making our own patterns


Art / Writing

  1. Practice Writing Letter to Sound Writing Alphabet Letters P-Z
    1. Write Upper and Lower case letter
    2. Explain the letter-sound
    3. Draw an animal picture that relates
      1. Example: Pp (Puh) Pig

Social Emotional

  1. Story Read Aloud – Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
    1. Watch:
    2. Talk about how the fish felt about sharing, how your child feels about sharing. Ask when was the last time your child shared.
    3. Activity: Paper and 1 crayon.
      1. Take turns drawing the rainbow fish.
      2. Share the same crayon

(30 minutes/ daily)

Math / Science

Virtual Field Trip to the Seattle Aquarium

Animal and Educational Videos | Seattle Aquarium

  • Take a look at the different sea animals at the aquarium.
  • Talk about the different colors and size of the animals.
  • Draw a picture of your favorite animal.

Problem Solving

Find as many yellow things you can in your house.

(10 minutes)