Volume 22

May 17, 2021

No Class on Monday!
Our class is enjoying a 3 day weekend. I am off on Monday because I am moving. Our extra classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So if you can please try to make it to 3 classes next week that would be great. Also the links to this home learning plan our online game for you and your child to do together on Monday.

Important Dates:
May 17– No Classes
May 31– Spring Conference Week
June 16– Library time

Online Classroom Link And Updates
Here is the link to the online Classroom.
Password will be in the weekly email.

Community Unit Theme
Next week we are going to start a new unit this next week. I will be a community theme. To get ready for this unit I encourage you to go work a walk around your community and or make a map with your child. So they can better understand where they live in their community. If there is a fire station close by walk or drive to it so they can see where they can go for help if they need to.

Ms. Mareah Videos!
Piggy and elephant book with Teacher Mareah

Password will be in the weekly email

Math / Science

Language / Literacy

Resource: Epic Books–Online Books


Art / Writing

Online Game: WORK WITH YOUR CHILD to create a park.

Problem Solving

Social Emotional

Online Game: Guess that Feeling


Movement / Play

Online Resource: Gonoodle