Volume 21

April 22, 2021

Teachers Martha Dominguez and Mamata Das | ECEAP Class 126

Spring 2021 Vol. 21 | Week of 04/26-30/2021

Immigrant Relief WA

Expanded Seattle-King County Immigrant Legal Defense Network

  1. Asian Counseling and Referral Service
  2. Colectiva Legal del Pueblo
  3. Entre Hermanos
  4. Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
  5. Kids in Need of Defense
  6. Refugees Northwest
  7. Parks and Recreation
  8. Nine Awesome Activities to Learn the Alphabet for Toddlers, Preschool and Kindergarten

On April 30th Celebrates Dia del Nino!!

El Origen de las Piñatas


Social Emotional

60 minutes

The Perfect Pinata

Ask your child what kind of things would he put in his Perfect Pinata, and why? Write her answer down.


How It’s Made Piñatas | Discovery Chanel

Language / Literacy

60 minutes

Would you try to learn the words in Spanish?

These are the LYRICS to sing when someone is hitting the Pinata!

¡Dale, dale, dale, no pierdas el tino,

porque si lo pierdes, pierdes el camino!

Ya le diste una, ya le diste dos,

ya le diste tres y tu tiempo se acabó


Hit it, hit it, don’t you lose your aim,

Because if you lose it, then you lose the way,

Already hit it once, hit it twice, hit it three times and

Your time is up!


Teacher Martha Sings Dale, Dale!


Art / Writing

               PAINT                              POPCORN                    PINATA                  PINEAPPLE


Parents: The links below, are for you to get ideas of the things you can do to support your child’s fine motor skills development; you don’t have to print them! Worksheet | Tracing Practice

Video: Pencil Control Activity-

Math / Science

60 minutes

Book: “One is a Piñata”

Do you have any instruments at home? Try making sounds with different objects. For example; metal spoons like the lady from the video, rubber bands around a tissue box, the pot lids and a wooden spoon. The grader when you scratch it with a stick.


Or simple sit outside, or near your window. What do you hear?

Problem Solving

120 minutes

Making a Piñata requires concentration, eye-hand coordination, problem solving and lots of patience! There’s lots of different styles and designs. This is how I made mine!


Teacher Martha Makes a Piñata!


Movement / Play

Spring PE This or That | Coach Smith

Animal Action Activity Instructions:

  1. Roll 2 dice and add the numbers
  2. Find the animal with the same number
  3. Move like the animal in the picture
  4. Socks Blocks by Your Therapy Source

Cut off the toes in the socks of mismatching socks, and roll them up!

  1. Put them on a child’s wrist. When they take the sock off, they are crossing midline and working on one of the steps of undressing.
  2. Squeeze them over a bottle to make some stacking rings. See how high you can pile them.
  3. Tie some old tights between two sock blocks and play tug of war.
  4. Practice juggling.