Volume 21

April 30, 2021

Learning Resource for Week of May 3-7

Message from Teacher Dheko:

Helping Kids Stay Active & Eat Healthy During COVID-19

The pandemic has put more children at risk of obesity. Children with obesity are more likely to have problems if they are infected with COVID-19. The virus can affect children’s breathing, immune system, metabolism and cause inflammation. Having these health issues puts them at high risk if they get COVID-19. Many parents are struggling to make sure their kids eat healthy foods, stay active and stick to a regular bedtime.

What parents can do: Eating well and exercising can help children cope with stress and stay healthy. Parents can support healthy eating habits by offering their children a lot of fruit and vegetables, creating a schedule for meals and snacks, and keeping healthy food in your home. Motivate kids to get moving by limiting their screen time after they are done with virtual learning for the day. Model healthy habits by making sure you eat well and exercise, too.

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Suggested Home Learning Activities For This Week:

Problem Solving

I have who has – This game is a part of the Tools of the Mind curriculum. You can start by doing colors and move on with uppercase letters, beginning sounds or whichever category your child is familiar with. There are two decks: one deck for the child and the deck for the guardian. All the cards have colors of both sides. One person goes first by picking any color from their deck and says “I have *color*, who has *color*? once the card flips over. Find the color that has been flipped and see if your child or you have it. Continue to say “I have *color*, who has *color?” so that your child recognizes colors.


Art / Writing

Venger Drawing – One activity we often do in class is drawing a picture out of a shape. We call this “Venger Drawings.” Draw a diamond shape or any shape you would like on a piece of paper and have your child turn that shape into something creative. To the side, Jayden had a diamond shape and drew that diamond shape into a kite. You can have your child look around the house to get some ideas!

Fine Motor Skills: Write – Tally Marks!

This activity will introduce tally marks to your child as a new way to represent quantities. This is especially good for a child who is challenged by writing numerals. Tally marks to show the numeral 4: ////

Place 4 blocks or objects in front of your child. Show your child how to make a tally mark for each block. It’s not important that you use a slash for the 5th object at this point, if you are counting that high.


Materials You Will Need: small number of objects, paper and pencil

Math / Science

Counting Items Around The House – Have your child collect a set of items (these can be toys, shoes, books or blocks) and then have your child count it! Encourage your child to make them into piles starting with piles of 5 and then do piles of 10.

Language / Literacy

Corduroy: Book Video – This book is about a teddy bear who lost a button and how he goes on an adventure and makes a new friend. This is a good book to talk to your child about what is their favorite part after the book, have a discussion on what they thought of the story. To watch the link use the password your child’s teacher has given you for other video links.

Movement / Play

The Floor is Lava Dance/Song – This is a great dance and song for kids to move to. So, watch out because the floor is lava!!! As you play the music, they count down and say “the floor is lava”. Have your child avoid the floor. They can go to the couch or on a chair. Once the music plays, continue dancing!


Pretend play: Bakery –

There are lots of ideas that you can do with the kids to be creative when it comes to a pretend bakery. I thought it would a great idea to do some pretend cookies. To the side is a picture of cookies that we can do at home. To make cookies, you will need color papers, paint or makers and scissors. You will need to cut some brown paper into small circles and use them as the bottom layer of the cookie. Next, you will use some paint or markers to color on top to make frosting Don’t forget to add any toppings you would like! You can also use a cookie try or any pan you may have at home to place the pretend cookies on and “sell” them.