Volume 21

May 10, 2021

Extra Help!
As we get to the end out the year I have been meeting with a few children.
Just to work on some individual goals. I am will and would love to do that
will all of you so please let me know id some individualized help for your
child is something that would help your family.

Online Classroom Link And Updates
Here is the link to the online Classroom.

Password will be in the weekly email.

Important Dates:
May 17– No Classes
May 31– Spring Conference Week
June 16– Library time

Supplies for the classes
For each online class we have we do different things that are similar to what we
would do in school. The first class is a morning meeting time. We sing song and
go over the weather, calendar and the letter of the week. We also read books as
well. I tend to do online book because it is easier for your child to see. The second
class is our Play planning where we make a plan for the next 30 minuets.
Starting on Monday if we will be showing our play plans to the class so please
make sure your child have their blue board provide by the school or a piece of
paper and something to draw with. And then the xtra class will have different
thing we may need. I will let you know in the invite to class what they will need.
Our afternoon class is our graphic practice, will need their blue boards or a piece
of paper and something to write with. Please make sure you children have these
thing and also a quite place for then to attend the class.

Ms. Mareah Videos!
Piggy and elephant book with Teacher Mareah

Password will be in the weekly

Math / Science

Article: Preschool Math Games

21 Preschool Math Games

Language / Literacy

Resource: Epic Books–Online Books


Art / Writing

Problem Solving

Social Emotional

Movement / Play

Online Resource: Gonoodle