Volume 20

May 24, 2021

Ms. Hanifa

High Point – Community Center

May 24-28, 2021


  1. Rental Assistance
  2. Tuesday, May 25, 2021 Parent Meeting at 4:00 – 5:30 PM.
  3. Tools of the Mind link Explore in Parent Center.
  4. Use this link to receive learning materials from the Library:
  5. Times for Curb Side Pick-Up:
    1. Where: HighPointLibrary
    1. When: Wednesday Friday and Sunday 12-6 pm
  6. Free Printing 10 pages per day :
  7. Eid – No Class
  8. Prepare all materials in backpack.
  9. REMINDER: Please remove any distractions (toys, TV, Distractions)
  10. REMINDER: Please have your child use the bathroom before class starts.
  11. All videos have a password please refer to the text message or email.

Movement / Play

Practice stretching in the morning when you wake up. 1-5 times a week for 15 minutes.

Language / Literacy

  1. Watch video:
    1. Read book Llama Llama Red Pajama. Talk about words that rhyme. Try to think of other words that rhyme.

Math / Science

  1. Review and make a number line from 1-20. Pick any number and talk about which number comes before and which number came after.
  2. Make a simple patter using shapes. Remind children patterns are things that repeat. Start with a simple pattern using shapes. (Triangle circle triangle circle…)

(10 minutes 3 times a week)

Art / Writing

  1. Draw a picture of a cake using only shapes.
  2. Graphics Practice class review ask your child to practice drawing:
    1. Waves or (bump)
    2. Mountains (Up down up down)
    3. Zigzag (across slant across)

Math / Science

Challenge of the Week:

Watch video and practice counting in English, Arabic, Somali, Oromo and Tigrinya. 05.11.21 High Point Hanifa on Vimeo

(15 minutes/ daily)