Volume 2

September 13, 2021

Getting Ready To School
For the next few weeks the activities on the newsletter and home learning plan will be tools to help your child get ready for in person Learning. The activities will help your child with the alphabet and numbers and some the basic thing we will be doing on a daily basis. If you have any question please feel free to reach out to us. We will soon be starting online classes until October, and more information to come on the days and times

Teacher Videos
These are videos recorded by the teachers. The Pass-words will be in the home learning plan.
Teacher KeKe-
Teacher Mareah– https://vimeo.com575438153

Important Dates:
September 21– Parent Meeting
September 23– Health Screening @ New Holly Campus
October 12th– Covid Vaccine Seminar
In Person classes Begin October (More information to come)

Covid Vaccine Seminar
On October 12. Neighborhood House will be have a Seminar on the Covid Vaccine. This is your chance to bring any question you have about the vaccine. We will let you know more information about the time as I get closer. If you need help or any other information Teacher Mareah can get you the information you need.
Teacher Mareah phone:206-253-6046 Email:

Math / Science

Activity: Counting to 10

Take 10 small pieces of paper. Write numbers 1– 10 on them. Help your child put them in order on the floor. Then have them put objects to count each number


Language / Literacy

Online Game: ABC Dance party game

Your child will explore each letter with name and sound.

Art / Writing

Article: Pre-Writing

This is an article about pre-writing activities. Look at them and see if they will help your child.

The Importance of Pre-Writing Skills for Preschoolers

Problem Solving

Online Game: Classroom Helpers

The children will get a chance to do various classroom jobs.

Social Emotional

Activity: Feeling recognition

Take some pieces if paper and together with your child right down thing that make them happy and Sad

Movement / Play

Video: Rainbow breath

This a breathing technique for children. She talks if though in simple ways.