Volume 2

September 13, 2021

Teacher: Laura Martin  Fall 2021 Volume 2

WEEK: September 13, 2021

Hello Parents,

I’ve enjoyed visiting with you and look forward to getting to know your child and your family. Here are some important dates coming up:

PARENT MEETING:  Check your email for information on a virtual  parent meeting Tuesday, September 21st.

COME MEET THE CLASS!  Preschoolers, join us on-line to meet your class and have fun with songs and stories! Our first virtual gathering for the children will be on Wednesday, September 22 from 11:00 to 11:30, on line with the Microsoft Teams app. If your child is unable to attend Wednesday at 11:00, we will have the same gathering from 1:OO to 1:30 on Thursday, September 23rd.  I will email links for both dates to you.  Come to one or both!

Feel free to call if you have questions!

Teacher Laura (206) 403-3941

Language / Literacy

30 minutes

Pip the Squirrel has Leaf trouble!  Click the link to see what he does!

LEAF TROUBLE by Jonathan Emmett

Leaf Trouble by Jonathan Emmett

Art / Writing

15 minutes   Click this video to see and practice the correct way to hold a pencil.

Have a parent help you find  paper and markers or crayons.

Can you draw a picture of Pip the Squirrel and the leaf?   What color will you make the leaves?   Is Pip big or little?  How many eyes does he have? 

Problem Solving

30 minutes

SINK OR FLOAT                              

Take a walk inside your house and find some small things that can get wet.

  1. Have mom or dad help you get big bowl or pan
  2. of water.
  3. Gently put one thing at a time in the water.
  4. Does it sink or float?
  5. Draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper. On one side draw a picture of all the things that sink.  On the other side draw all the things that float.
  6. Which side has more, sink or float?

Social Emotional

30 minutes

Be thankful!

Who can you say “thank you” to today?  Did someone make lunch for you?  Did you tell that person “thank you”?

Did someone help you pick up toys?

Tell them “thank you! ”Find 3 people to say “thank you” to!

Preschool Science - Sink or Float

Movement / Play

20 minutes

Can you move your body with these kids…and freeze!

Brain Breaks - Action Songs for Children - Move and Freeze - Kids Songs by  The Learning Station - YouTube