Volume 19

April 19, 2021

Learning Resource for Week 29 April  19-23

Message from Teacher Dave & Teacher Jessica:

As we mentioned last week, our four program wide expectations are Be courageous, Be curious, Be compassionate, Be a community. First we will be focusing on how children can be courageous.

Children are courageous when….

they try new things for the first time

they ask questions

they make a mistake and try again

they share their own feelings

they stand up for what is right

In this week’s learning resource, you’ll find an activity to help your child learn what it means to “Be Courageous”

Below are some Learning Activities for the week.

Movement / Play

Obstacle Course:

Set up an obstacle course—using outdoor or household items that your kids can walk or run around, hop over, or engage with.

Here’s some ideas you could build your obstacle course with:

-hop over a stuffy

-touch 4 pillows

-walk around a table 3 times

-walk to the fridge and clap 10 times

-put a few letters or numbers in order (you can write them on little pieces of paper)

-stack paper cups into a pyramid


Another variation is you can take turns wearing a blindfold and guiding them through the obstacle course. Talk to your kids about how our lives can be filled with obstacles, and how we can help each other and be courageous!

Math / Science

Spring Scavenger Hunt:

Go on a walk together, and see how many of these you see! (Remember to wear a mask)


Language / Literacy

Rhyming Game:

Practice rhyming with this song! Focus on what endings sound the same.


Story Time:

In this week’s video please enjoy Teacher Nicole’s story time while she reads Llama Llama. Teacher Nicole is another Teacher that works for Neighborhood House, and we are thankful that she has shared this video with us! Use the password that I have previously given to you, or ask me for it again.

Problem Solving

I Spy Classification:

First model for your child by saying “ I spy something that is shaped like a rectangle and see-through” (window) or “I spy something that has 4 legs that is smaller than a car” (dog). This activity helps your child figure out how to recognize an object’s attributes and sort objects into groups with similar attributes. Being able to group by number, shape, or measurement helps develop your child’s mathematical thinking. Grouping by color, texture, or hardness will introduce your child to scientific classification.

Art / Writing

Egg Carton Creations:

Use egg cartons to create flowers.

Use whatever you have available (markers, acrylic paint, water paint) to color the egg cartons, and then paper, pipe cleaners, or straws and glue to make the stem.