Volume 19

April 16, 2021

Teachers Bea, Lisa, Suzanne
April 19 – 23   Learning Resource  Vol. 19

Message from your teachers!  

Hello Parents

We hope the warmer weather and sunshine has helped you to be outside more and enjoy playing and learning outdoors.   It is a good time to fly kites and discover animals in the ponds.   Of course, safety first!

As we mentioned last week, our four program-wide expectations are Be Courageous, Be Curious, Be Compassionate, Be A Community. First we will be focusing on how children can be courageous.

Children are courageous when they:

  • Try new things for the first time
  • Ask questions
  • Make a mistake and try again
  • Share their own feelings
  • Stand up for what is right

In this week’s Learning Resource, you’ll find an activity to help your child learn about Being Courageous! Let us know how it went!

Please find important resources for your information Below:

 CDC: Mental Health and Coping 

mental health and substance use services

King County’s Department of Community and Human Services provides publicly funded mental health and substance use services to low-income people in need. 

What children learn through play

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Movement / Play

Number and movement game.

  • Use a long piece of tape and place it at the end of one room to create a finish line. You can also do this outside on the sidewalk or draw a line with side walk chalk.
  • Use number cards or draw numbers on small pieces of paper from 1 to 10 and place in a small bowl or basket.
  • Have your child choose a number from the basket or bowl and take the number of steps on the paper.
  • Repeat until he or she gets to the finish line. After getting to the line, he or she can choose a number again. This time they can hop on one foot or jump the number of times

Social Emotional

Courageous Play Plan!

Materials Needed:  Paper, Crayons (or whatever coloring supplies you have at home!)

Directions (with picture aids):

  1. Talk with your child on how they can be courageous It could be anything like the following: “I can Be Courageous by trying something new,” “I can Be Courageous by helping my sister/brother,” or “I can Be Courageous by asking questions!” (My example here is “I can Be Courageous by trying a new vegetable)

2. Once they’ve told you “I can Be Courageous by…” Then they can draw a picture of their message! For example, if my message is “I can Be Courageous by trying a new vegetable,” then I would draw a picture of me trying that vegetable! (In the picture below, it’s me trying a carrot, just as an example!)

3. Next, you can help your child write down their message (in a regular play plan, they would draw one line for each word, and then you can help them sound out some of the words, depending on where your child is in their learning journey.)

Art / Writing

Creative Binoculars!

Below is a Video to show you a fun way to create make believe Binoculars.   Real Binoculars help to see up close when you are out exploring an animal, insect, or just something in nature.  

Making Binoculars, Nature Walk

Below is the safe link video to the story, “Are you My Mother.” This story is about a baby bird who is lost.    After viewing the story, you and your child can draw the characters in the story and you can ask your child which one came first?  It is fun to read more than once and have your child try to remember what happened first, second, last.   You can ask about how the bird felt and have your child draw emotions. Just use paper or marker and crayons.