Volume 19

April 26, 2021

New Extra Class!
I will be adding an extra class to help those Who cant make it to 3 classes a
day for 1 reason or another. So please try to make at least 2 classes a day
this class is a Extra class So if you plan to miss a class in the day you can
make it to this one. It will be at 2:45 to 3:15 Monday—Thursday.

Online Classroom Link And Updates
Here is the link to the online Classroom.
Password will be in the weekly email.

Important Dates:
April 30– Parent Meeting
May 28– Parent Meeting
June 16– Library time

Parent Meeting topic: Screen Time For Preschoolers
This Friday is you monthly parent Meeting. This month we are talking about
Screen time a spring time healthy habits. It will be from 2 to 3. and I Hope to see
you all there. If you have any Question please let me know.

Ms. Mareah Videos!
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Language / Literacy

Resource: Epic Books–Online Books

Art / Writing

Problem Solving

Social Emotional