Volume 17

May 12, 2021

Teacher: Laura Martin  Spring Volume 17

Hello Parents,

Thanks for all you do to help your child grow in love for learning. 

The virtual world sure has its challenges, as we all know, but I think you’re all doing such a fantastic job and I look forward every day to seeing the children on the screen!

This week we welcome Joel to our classroom!  We look forward to getting to know Joel and his family!

Happy Learning Everyone!

Teacher Laura

WEEK: May 3rd

THEME:  animals that hibernate


SHAPE: oval

COLOR: yellow


Language / Literacy

15 minutes

The animals are having a party, but not the bear because he is sleeping!  Will he wake up?

Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson

Art / Writing

15 minutes



What are your favorite colors?  It’s fun to draw flowers on paper because flowers can be almost any color. Remember that the stem and the leaves are green and the bloom on top can be

any color you like.

Can you draw a beautiful bouquet of flowers to give to someone special?         


Problem Solving

15 minutes


Parent, have your child stand on one side of the room.  Place some noise making objects with you on the other side of the room, where the child can’t see.  Make one sound at a time and ask your child to describe the sound.  Does it sound like a drum? Is it water? Does it sound like metal?

Social Emotional

Here’s a game to remember good manners.  Parents, this game will help your child grow in the skill of listening and responding in conversation.


For this game you need a “mother” on one side of the yard or room and other players in a line across the other end of the room.

One at a time the mother calls out the name of a player and tells them how many steps they can take toward her, and what kind of step, either a baby step, medium step or giant step.  “Katy, you may take one giant step.”

If Katy remembers to say these words “MOTHER MAY I? “ then she gets to take one giant step forward. If she forgets to say “mother may I”  and takes the giant step, she has to go back to where she was until her next turn.

The winner is the one that reaches the mother first!


Movement / Play  

Click here to learn how to do a jumping jack!  How many can you do?