Volume 16

March 25, 2021

Learning Resource for Week 26: March 29 – April 2

Message from Teacher Anna, Teacher Selena, & Teacher Mimi:

Addressing Anti-Asian Bias

Amid the pandemic, Asian American people continue to experience racism, violence and harassment. This website has resources that can help you teach the historical precedents for this moment, introduce ways for children to recognize and speak up against coronavirus racism, and start conversations with even the youngest children about recognizing and acting to address injustice.

Across the United States right now, people are feeling isolated and afraid. As schools and businesses close, people are worrying about their health, their families, their jobs and their future. All of these worries make sense, and of course there’s nothing wrong with being afraid. But as people share news, fears and concerns, some people are sharing something else, as well: racism and xenophobia.

For more information on how to respond to coronavirus racism please visit this website:

Art / Writing

Book Making – Children have so many stories to tell, and only need help writing or drawing it all down. Fold paper in half and staple at the crease to make pages. After the story is drawn or written, go back and read it to the child so they can illustrate each page. This simple activity builds confidence, self-esteem and literacy skills. You can find a mini size book or a big white book that have empty pages from the school supplies given that you can use to create your own story!




Fine Motor Skills: Nature paint brush – With the weather warming up, plan on spending more activities to do with the kids outside. Things you will need: paint, paper, cup of water, nature paint brushes. You can easily find small/short twigs around your home to use as paint brushes. You can bring out some paper and enjoy the nice weather by having your child explore their creativity and imagination with paint and their brush. If you don’t have paint you can use cups of water on the sidewalk that will dry and disappear in the sun.

Movement / Play

Brush your Teeth by Super Simple Song – It is important that we continue to brush our teeth everyday and keep our teeth clean. Using songs is a great way to get your kids learning while they are having fun singing and dancing along. Therefore, have your child play this song while brushing their teeth to get them going and to time how long they should be brushing their teeth for! Link:

Problem Solving

Community helpers puzzle activity (Problem Solving) – I thought this would be a great idea to do with the kids to learn about different helpers in the community. Down below is a link to a community helpers puzzle. Instead of printing out the paper, you can draw and color your own version of each community helper. When finished, cut each helper in half and have your child put the correct pieces together. You can even talk about what each helper does and what kind of outfits they wear.


Language / Literacy

The Bear’s Garden: Book Video  – This book is about a little girl who finds an empty lot in a city and starts a community garden. During this video, I discuss new vocabulary words. After the video ask your child what “sprouted”, “wither”, and “employing” means.