Volume 1

September 6, 2021

Teacher: Laura Martin  Fall 2021 Volume 1

WEEK: September 6, 2021

Hello Parents,

My name is Laura and I am so happy to be your child’s preschool teacher this year!  Every week you will receive in your email a Home Learning Newsletter like this one filled with activities for your child to do at home.

We will be meeting in person just as soon as the leadership team is certain that it will be safe for children and adults.   Until then, I will call you each week and we will have opportunities for the children to come on-line and meet each other.

Welcome to the class!

Teacher Laura

Language / Literacy

30 minutes

Hedge Hog has a big problem!  What will she do about the apple?

Click on this link to find out!

Apple Trouble

By Ragnchild Scamell

by Ragnhild Scamell - Paperback Book - The Parent Store

Math / Science

15 minutes   Click this video to see and practice the correct way to hold a pencil.

Have a parent help you find  paper and markers or crayons.  

Can you draw a picture of Hedgehog and the apple?  What color is Hedgehog?  How many eyes does he have?  What color is the apple?

Problem Solving

15 minutes

How many apples can you count way up high

in the apple tree?

Way Up High in an Apple Tree - Apple Song for Kids - Chil...

Social Emotional

30 minutes

Here’s a game to remember good manners.  Parents, this game will help your child grow in the skill of listening and responding in conversation.


For this game you need a “mother” on one side of the yard or room and other players in a line across the other end of the room.

One at a time the mother calls out the name of a player and tells them how many steps they can take toward her, and what kind of step, either a baby step, medium step or giant step.  “Katy, you may take one giant step.”

If Katy remembers to say these words “MOTHER MAY I? “ then she gets to take one giant step forward. If she forgets to say “mother may I”  and takes the giant step, she has to go back to where she was until her next turn.

The winner is the one that reaches the mother first!

Movement / Play

30 minutes

PARENTS – Take a Fall walk outside with your child to look for signs of Fall and listen for Fall sounds.  Ask questions and help her use her sense of touch, sight, hearing and smell.

Do you hear leaves crunching when you walk?

Do you see the green trees starting to turn different colors?

How many colors do you see?